Why Did I Build this Website about Medieval Castles and Siege Weapons?

So you want to know why I spend so much time building this site?

My name is Gar Benjamin and I have been interested in medieval stories and history for a long time now.

The reason I created this site focusing on medieval castles and siege weapons is because I was not able to find any single website that offered the information I was interested in.

I found a few sites that had some great info on castles, other sites that had some good information on catapults, and so on.

There seemed to be lots of good information available but it was literally scattered around the World (Wide Web that is).

So, I set out to create a definitive source of medieval information. A site that would be a one-stop center of information on medieval castles and siege weapons.

Now obviously, it would be a HUGE undertaking to create The Definitive Medieval Information Site and I knew that I would not be able to create such a massive site by myself so I will be focusing primarily on subjects centered around medieval warfare and provide links to the very best medieval resources I have found.

You will find information on medieval castles, middle age knights, medieval siege weapons and more.

During the construction of this site (and this is definitely an ongoing process!), I used a combination of the knowledge I already had and a lot of research both online and offline.

I estimate the site will end up at about 250 pages of solid information in time. Currently, there are about 165 pages on this site.

If you are interested in pictures and drawings on medieval times you will be sure to find those here too.

In fact, I am contracting some artists to produce original sketches of medieval subjects at this time and those will be added in the weeks ahead.

I'd be glad to get your feedback on this site.

You can contact me by sending an email to:

Replace the word *AT* with the @ symbol.

I wrote it using the word *AT* instead of @ to prevent spammers from using software to harvest the email address.

Special Thanks to:

Roberto Sabas

Roberto produced many of the high-quality sketches found on this site.

I highly recommend Roberto to any business requiring the services of a professional artist.

You can see more of Roberto's work at his site: http://www.robertosabas.com

Enjoy the site!

Gar Benjamin