A Brief Look at the Trebuchet

The trebuchet is a powerful throwing machine and one of 2 types of medieval catapults. The other type is called a mangonel and you can learn more about it on The Catapult page.

The most powerful trebuchets could easily throw a 250 pound rock several hundred yards at speeds in excess of 100 mph!

Can you imagine the damage that would cause? Quite impressive, isn't it?!

These siege engines worked very much like seesaws. Attackers loaded heavy rocks into a box at one end of a throwing arm.

Then, they pulled the other end of the arm down, loaded a missile (usually rocks), and released the arm.

The heavy box of rocks crashed to the ground causing the sling to quickly rise up into the air carrying the missile which soared away toward its target.

This page contains links to the information I have gathered on these amazing war machines.

Let's face it. These medieval siege engines are a lot of fun. Of course, they were not fun if you were on the other side. ;)

But today they are a lot of fun to study & build, and these days we can easily build our own fully-functional minature models and that is pretty darn exciting!

Here are some other links that you may find interesting.

This site sells kits so you can easily build a trebuchet or you can follow one of their do-it-yourself trebuchet plans.

Watch NOVA build a trebuchet - Follow a slide show that documents NOVA's successful attempt to build and shoot a giant siege machine.

NOVA's - Build your own virtual siege machine and fire giant sandstone balls at a castle wall.

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