Trebuchet Plans – Precision Is Key

When looking over the variety of trebuchet plans available, it’s important to make sure the design is tested and true – especially if you’re investing money in the prints and materials.

Any good plan must cover basic design, offer a materials list and provide the builder with a good framework from which to create.

With the rich history of the trebuchet from the 12 century forward to even appearances in such Hollywood blockbusters as “Lord of the Rings,” it’s not very surprising trebuchet plans are readily available.

Those looking for a way to recreate the great weapons of siege can look in their local library, go online to various web sites that offer plans for trebuchets or even find details on how to build them in ebooks. The sizes of models available for construction from pre-made blueprints range from full-scale replicas to tabletop models.

Whatever trebuchet plans are decided upon, to truly replicate the castle crushing, projectile throwers, a plan must have a few basic components uniform in almost all models of the trebuchet.

The plans must include the basic parts of the machine, which include the beam, frame, counterweight, trigger, sling, missile and projectile.

In trebuchet plans, the beam should be light, yet very strong. Its long end needs to be about three to four and a half times as long as the shorter end. Also, any plans should take great care in outlining the creation of the sling.

The length of the sling makes a huge difference, by changing the length, the entire shot can be altered. The best range occurs when a sling is designed to follow roughly a 45-degree angle.

Good plans should call for the counterweight to be at least 80 times the weight of the suggested missile, up to a maximum of 100 times. If the weight is too light, the beam will not swing fast enough and the shot will not hit its mark.

There is an importance to following a pattern when creating trebuchet plans yourself. Start with the counterweight, then move on to the beam and lastly the frame.

Plans range in price and complexity with some public schools even providing ready designed prints for small models online. Lego even offers a toy version to make at home.

It’s best when looking to create your own trebuchet to consider first what you’d like to accomplish with the finished version and then begin pouring over the variety of trebuchet plans available.

If you’re particularly creative, there are computer programs that will help you create your own plans from the ground up – doing the mathematics and physics for you as you go along. Such sites as,, and offer ready made catapult plans and blue prints for purchase.

To learn more about trebuchet plans, type “trebuchet plans,” or something similar into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

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