Trebuchet Kits Large Or Small Help Bring History To Life

If you’ve decided to build your own catapult, perhaps one of the best places to start is by looking for an appropriate sized kit.

If a replica of the castle-wall crushing model most recently brought to life in the epic “Lord of the Rings” is on your mind trebuchet kits might be in order.

To find some of the best trebuchet kits, large or small, the best place to look is the Internet where many sites offer kits with pre-made blueprints, materials (in the case of the smaller models) and more for a single price. Trebuchet kits for larger versions of the great machines of war can also be found.

The first thing to do when looking for trebuchet kits is to decide the size you’re looking for. Perhaps you’d like a desktop machine that can effectively launch a single marshmallow over great distances within your office. Maybe you’re a re-enactor and you’d prefer one of a line of trebuchet kits that results in a full-scale version. Or, perhaps you just need to look at trebuchet kits that will help satisfy a school project.

Once size is determined, it’s time to start looking at trebuchet kits themselves. One thing to pay attention to are the different components involved in the construction. An accurate trebuchet should include a beam, a frame, a counterweight, trigger, sling and, of course, the actual projectile or an idea where to find one – whether rock or marshmallow.

When looking for trebuchet kits, remember these machines dominated the warfare scene for years. Their sheer force ensured their place in warfare history as did the fear they struck in enemy combatants’ hearts. These machines could literally topple castle walls and some of the greatest known versions of the trebuchet kits’ predecessors could launch 300-pound objects into the air and at targets with a fair amount of accuracy.

If you’re examining trebuchet kits for a full scale or nearly full scale model, make sure the suggested or provided beam is light, yet strong. The longer end needs to be about three to four and a half times as long as the shorter end. The sling needs to be of decent quality as well. The best ranges for projectiles occur when a sling is designed in a trebuchet kit to follow a 45-degree angle.

Any of a number of decent trebuchet kits will also consider the counterweight as prime importance. This should be up to 100 times the weight of the suggested projectile. but not less than 80 times its weight. If the weight is too light, the beam will not swing fast enough and the shot will simply not be accurate.

Trebuchet kits are readily available on the Internet at sites such as Those interested in building their own piece of history can also find tons of information simply by performing a quick Google or Yahoo search. There are many locations that sell complete trebuchet kits and other kits designed to bring catapults to life.

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