Trebuchet Blue Print – How to Build Your Own Siege Engine

Trebuchet blue print offerings are readily found on the Internet so, if you’re looking to build your own trebuchet this is the best place to start. Here, too, you can find an array of ideas for drafting and building your very own version of a blue print.

If you’re wanting to create your own blue print for a trebuchet, you need to decide on the desired size and materials.

Is the finished model meant to be a full-scale replica or a tabletop version?

Do you want to spend a lot of money taking your trebuchet blue print from draft to reality?

Or, are you working with a tight budget?

To create your own blue print for a trebuchet, these questions must be answered first.

Once scale is decided upon, the question becomes what materials are needed, what lengths and how exactly to put the jumble together to make your own trebuchet blueprint work from drafting and building to successful firing.

Parts that must be considered for a trebuchet blue print include the beam, frame, counterweight, trigger, sling and the projectile.

When creating your own trebuchet blue print, the beam needs to be light, yet strong. The long end is generally about three to four and a half times as long as the short end. Also, when designing a trebuchet blueprint, it’s vital to consider the sling. The length of the sling make a huge difference, by changing the length, the entire shot can be altered. The best range occurs when a sling is designed to follow roughly a 45-degree angle.

The counterweight itself should be up to 100 times the weight of the missile, but not less than 80 times its weight. If the weight is too light, the beam will not swing fast enough and the shot will not hit its mark.

There is an importance to following a logical pattern when creating a trebuchet blue print. Start first with the counterweight then the beam and lastly the frame.

When considering your own trebuchet blue print, resources are readily available to help history buffs or simply the curious complete their projects. On the Internet, you can find existing prints, and even computer programs to help handle the mathematics and physics involved in creating a trebuchet blue print. Pre-made prints are available free of charge and for a cost. The prints range from those designed to build a full-scale model to those meant to replicate the big siege weapons on a tiny scale. Lego even has its own version of a trebuchet.

Search engines such as Google or Yahoo can help immensely if you want to design a trebuchet of any size. Web sites such as offer ready made blueprints and other sites can provide you with software to help you design a trebuchet for yourself following the basic mathematical principles behind the great weapons.