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Medieval Siege Weaponry - Castle Walls Beware
Medieval Siege Weaponry - Castle Walls Beware

Medieval Siege Weapons
Most feared by any kingdom was the threat of medieval siege weapons. These siege weapons could unleash destruction that could result in the loss of a castle and subsequently the fall of the kingdom.

Middle Age Weapons - The Ballista, Onager, and more!
Learn about middle age weapons, including the ballista, onager and more!

Medieval Ballista - Full List of Articles
This is the main medieval ballistas page. It provides an index to all pages on this site providing information on the ballista.

Medieval Catapults - Full List of Articles
This is the main medieval catapults page. It provides an index to all pages on this site providing information on catapults.

Medieval Trebuchets - Full List of Articles
This is the main medieval trebuchets page. It provides an index to all pages on this site providing information on trebuchets.

Medieval Ballista Information (4)

Ballista - Inventing the Medieval Ballista
The Ballista was one of the first catapult weapons used by the Greeks.

Ballista Catapults Early Siege Weaponry At Its Finest
Ballista catapults are believed to have made their first appearance on the battlefield in the fighting days long before the birth of Christ.

Ballista Plans – Greek Ingenuity At Work
Ballista plans range in complexity from the very basic to the very involved. Materials lists range from those...

Tension Catapults - First Catapults Created by the Greeks
Learn about tension catapults, the first step in medieval siege weapons.

Medieval Catapult Information (22)

Build a Catapult - You Can!
If you are interested in learning how to build a catapult be sure to check out this site.

Build Catapults – Miniatures or Full Size Models the Choice is Yours
Build Catapults – Miniatures Or Full Size Models - If you’re in the market to build catapults at home for a community/club project or even for school, the best places to...

Building Catapults Required Engineering Know How
When building catapults, armies had to include in their ranks those people capable of employing complicated mathematical formulas and turning them into machines of war.

Catapult (mangonel) - a Medieval Siege Weapon
The Catapult - one of the powerful medieval siege weapons. Discover catapult history and how to assemble them from kits or build from scratch using easy to follow plans.

Catapult Design - Advancements in Technology
Because of the variation in the types of catapults used for castle siege during medieval Europe, catapult design has taken on many forms...

Catapult Diagram Examples Available On The Internet
Whether you’re looking to create an exact replica of a famous machine of medieval siege warfare or a smaller version just for fun, finding a catapult diagram isn’t very difficult.

Catapult History - A Glance at the history of the catapult
Catapult History: learn about the history of the medieval catapult.

Catapult Instructions – Hitting the Mark the Old Fashioned Way
Making sure a projectile gets from Point A to Point B without falling short of the mark requires good catapult instructions.

Catapult Makes – Varieties Offer Pros and Cons
Catapult Makes – Varieties Offer Pros And Cons. Catapult makes technically involve any machine that is designed for hurling, or catapulting, missiles.

Catapult Models Echo History, Physics Lessons
Finding catapult models isn’t very difficult if you look on the Internet, from tiny desktop replicas to full scale versions of the early machines of siege warfare.

Catapult Mouse Trap Offers New Twist On Old Design
Catapult Mouse Trap Offers New Twist On Old Design.

Catapult Pictures Inspire Designers, Decorators
Catapult Pictures Inspire Designers, Decorators. Medieval buffs with a penchant for siege warfare might find themselves interested in taking a look at historic and...

Catapult Plans From Middle Age Models To Modern Toys
Catapult plans are as diverse as the great weapons of siege themselves. From basic toy, sling shot-type catapults to...

History of Catapult – From Ancient to Modern Times
The history of catapult spans from ancient times well into the modern area with the basic principles of propulsion...

Homemade Catapult Projects Provide Lessons In History, Mathematics
Homemade Catapult Projects Provide Lessons In History, Mathematics.

How to Make a Catapult - Your First Project
How to make a catapult shows you how a complete beginner can successfully build a working catapult or trebuchet.

Middle Age Catapults - what they were, how they were made, how they were used
Middle age catapults were used as siege engines to attack fortresses or cities, causing crushing and sometimes...

Onager Catapult – Roman Ingenuity at Work
Actually known as the mangonel, the onager catapult is a nickname for this machine of war. Of all the catapult designs involved in this type of siege weapon’s ascent from simple machine to great...

Roman Catapults – A Play Off Greek Inventions
It’s long been known many of the great advancements credited to the Roman Empire actually came from the Greeks.

Simple Catapults - from Sling Shots to Desktop Models
Simple catapults have existed since ancient times when it first occurred to man to create a device...

Torsion Catapults - Early Greek Siege Engines
Learn about torsion catapults, early medieval siege weapons produced by the Greeks.

Traction Catapults - Siege Weapon Technology Advances
Learn about traction catapults, the next step in medieval siege weapon technology.

Medieval Trebuchet Information (13)

Build Trebuchets - Do You Want to?
If you think the idea of someone wanting to build trebuchets in these modern times is absurd, think again.

Design A Trebuchet – Make History Come Alive
Design A Trebuchet – Make History Come Alive. If you’re in the market to design your own trebuchet, paying homage to the great medieval siege weapon, your quest should begin in your own mind.

Free Trebuchet Plans Available in Books, on Internet
When looking at free trebuchet plans, the counterweight should be up to 100 times the weight of the missile, but not less than 80 times its weight.

History of Trebuchets from The Middle Ages On
The history of trebuchets, an advanced outgrowth of earlier catapults, is believed to begin in the 12th century, during...

The Trebuchet - a Medieval Siege Weapon
The Trebuchet - one of the most powerful medieval siege weapons. Discover tebuchet history and how to build them from scratch or by using trebuchet plans.

Trebuchet Blue Print – How to Build Your Own Siege Engine
Trebuchet Blue Print – How to Build Your Own Siege Engine. So, you’re looking to build your own trebuchet? The best place to start is on the Internet where existing trebuchet blue print offerings...

Trebuchet Designs – A French Innovation in Siege Warfare
Trebuchet Designs – A French Innovation In Siege Warfare. Considered one of the most effective of siege weapons, trebuchet designs vary through the ages from their...

Trebuchet History - Interesting Notes
Trebuchet History - discover the fascinating history of the medieval trebuchet.

Trebuchet Kits Large Or Small Help Bring History To Life
If you’ve decided to build your own catapult, perhaps one of the best places to start is by looking for an appropriate sized kit.

Trebuchet Physics – Science Makes The Machine
Trebuchet physics are the reason these machines became one of the most feared siege weapons of all time.

Trebuchet Plans – Precision Is Key
Trebuchet Plans – Precision Is Key. When looking over the variety of trebuchet plans available, it’s important to make sure the design is tested and true...

Sling Trebuchet Changed the Face of Siege Warfare
A sling trebuchet has five primary parts: counterweight, frame, beam, guide chute and of course the sling. In a well-built trebuchet, the frame supports the other parts and provides a raised platform.

Gravity Catapults - Last Step in the Evolution of Medieval Siege Weapons
Learn about gravity catapults, the Chinese contribution to the evolution of medieval siege weapons.

Medieval Castles Information (18)

Build a Medieval Castle
Build a medieval castle to tickle the fancy of a history buff, to help bring the past to life for children or to create a one-of-a-kind home.

Castle Defend - Medieval Castle Defense - Defend Your Castle
Castle Defend - Learn how to defend your castle. Moats are only one of many castle defense techniques.

Castle Floor Plans - learn all about them
Castle Floor Plans - Castles have long evoked romantic images in the eyes of their beholders. But that has not always been the case.

Castle Maze - Inside and Out
If you have ever experienced the wonder and mystery of a castle maze you will be able to understand why...

Castle Spirits – Haunting Halls Into Eternity
Castle spirits and their appearances are interwoven into the history of hundreds of former fortresses and palaces...

History of Medieval Castles is an Evolution in Wartime Defense
The history of medieval castles was driven by the need for better defenses.

Information On Medieval Castles Is At Your Fingertips
A simple search for information on medieval castles can transport you back in time. From Ireland and Scotland to Germany and beyond, information on medieval castles is readily available.

Medieval Blue Prints Serve As Great Learning Tools
Although actual renderings of medieval blue prints are hard to come by, there are plenty of examples of scale drawings and other blue print materials from medieval times available on the Internet.

Medieval Castle Defense – Architecture Key To Warding Off Siege
In a time when full-scale attacks and small scrimmages were the rules of the day, it was vital for a medieval castle defense system to take all possibilities into account.

Medieval Castle Drawings Give Insight Into the Medieval Mind
Good medieval castle drawings meant to show how castles were designed will reveal pretty quickly to the observant eye the input that must have been given to each designer.

Medieval Castle Layout was Integral to the Castle's Success
Medieval Castle Layout was Integral to the Castle's Success - The layout of the medieval castle was essential to its position of prominence within the community.

Medieval Castles - A Broader View
Medieval castles (castillos medievales, mittelalterliche Schlösser) hosted a diverse population, including knights, cooks, engineers, entertainers, commoners, and a host of other occupations.

Medieval England Castle – Dotting the Landscape with Ties to the Past
Medieval England castle structures dot the landscape today, reminding visitors of the past and helping them marvel at the architectural genius of those who came hundreds and hundreds of years before.

Medieval Irish Castles – Relics of the Past Survive Today
Medieval Irish castles were pretty much non-existent on any of the isles until the Norman invasion in 1066. By the 1160s, medieval Irish castles began to make their appearance on the scene.

Medieval Times Castles Cover the European Landscape
From Ireland to Germany and beyond, great examples of medieval times castles can still be witnessed today. Whether in ruins or restored, these giant stone fortresses speak to a past that was...

Middle Age Castles - Wonders from the Middle Age
Explore the wonders of Middle Age Castles. This section includes Medieval Castle Pictures and Medieval Castle Floor Plans.

Picture of Medieval Castles Open Windows to the Past
Few objects can bring the history of the Middle Ages alive like a picture of medieval castles.

Medieval Castles Pictures
Links and descriptions to various quality websites I have found that feature medieval castles pictures.

Medieval Shields | Medieval Armor Information (6)

Heraldry Symbols Medieval Rallying Points, Family Heirlooms
From elaborate designs of mythic creatures to more simple recreations of plants or woodland animals, the use of heraldry symbols is a holdover from the middle ages that often brings families great...

History of Medieval Armor – Protection Was Everything
In a world where small battles and full-scale wars were a part of everyday life, it should come as no surprise that the history of medieval armor is rich.

Leather Armor Making
A simple page with resources on leather armor making.

Medieval Armor Suit – A Fighting Man’s Must Have
In an age when warfare was commonplace, the need to protect oneself was an absolute must. For the fighting class, a medieval armor suit was a necessity many needed, but oftentimes few could afford.

Medieval Leather Armor – An Old Stand By Still In Use
Learn all about Medieval Leather Armor. Medieval leather armor with its truly ancient roots was one form of protective clothing almost anyone could afford.

Medieval Shields - Symbols of Protection
Medieval shields served a dual role for knights and soldiers of Europe in the early Middle Ages. First, medieval shields...

Medieval Weapon and Armor – Pieces Common of the Period
In the medieval weapon and armor arena, choice existed, but cost prohibited many from owning the finest. Weapons ranged from swords and lances to catapults.

Medieval Knights Information (7)

Knight in Medieval Times – Not Necessarily the Easy Life
A knight in medieval times most certainly enjoyed more creature comforts than a serf, but nevertheless the life was hard, brutal at times as the honor came with a price.

Medieval Coat of Arms – Telling One’s Tale in Brief
Once a medieval coat of arms was adopted by a knight, or passed down in a family, it was placed on battle standards, clothing and even shields to readily identify a knight’s heritage.

Medieval Code Of Chivalry Provided A Guide In Uncertain Times
Imagine living in a time when full-scale Crusades and small, territorial battles were as commonplace as convenient stores and ATM locations are today.

Medieval Jousting Knights – the Gladiators of the Chivalric Period
Nothing draws the crowds at a Renaissance festival quite like the medieval jousting knights tournaments. Using wooden lances and fair play these wannabe knights trot into fans hearts as they race...

Medieval Knight Picture Designs – Educational Decoration
If you’re looking for a medieval knight picture, the variety of choices and the number of locations in which to find one can be staggering.

Medieval Knight Weapons – Metal Made the Man
Medieval knight weapons were as diverse and interesting as the period of history itself. A good knight could be rendered useless in battle if his weapons weren’t well made and durable.

Medieval Times Knight – The Evolution of Nobility
The story of a medieval times knight begins at the start of the period when they were simply hired hands for battle and ends with the close of the era when knighthood was an honored station.

Middle Age Knights - Power and Glory
We have all heard of the mounted warriors known as the Middle Age Knights.

Medieval Times Information (7)

Medieval Times - Middle Ages Adventure & Romance Available Now
Medieval Times... there exists in this modern world a place where you can experience the adventure and romance of the Middle Ages.

Medieval Times Buena Park - Bringing the Middle Ages to Life
Medieval Times Buena Park - Bringing the Middle Ages to Life.

Medieval Times California Takes Visitors Back in Time
A flux capacitor isn’t necessary for a trip back in time when Medieval Times California is the destination.

Medieval Times Coupon – Savings for Hungry Jousting Fans
Medieval Times Coupon – Savings for Hungry Jousting Fans. History buffs and fantasy fanatics with a hankering to see live tournaments, can get dinner and a show for a discount...

Medieval Times Dallas - Hear Ye, Hear Ye...
Medieval Times Dallas: Hear Ye, Hear Ye - Come one and come all to the fabulous Medieval Times Dallas Restaurant, a place rivaled by none, unparalleled in its grandiose capacity, unsurpassed in...

Medieval Times Dinner Show - Night to Remember
Medieval Times Dinner Show - a Night to Remember. Sit right back and enjoy the Medieval Times dinner show. It is sure to amaze you, and the food’s not half bad either.

Medieval Time Weapons - Gruesome Killing Machines
Medieval Time Weapons - Gruesome Killing Machines. Medieval Time Weapons are exact replicas of the arsenal known to have been used by warriors in the...

Dungeons and Dragons Information (7)

Dungeons and Dragons - A Medieval Inspiration?
Dungeons and Dragons appears to have been inspired by the Middle Ages, and indeed it also appears to take place in some Medieval Realm.

Dungeon And Dragon Books Offer Fantasy, Role Playing Escapes
Dungeon And Dragon Books Offer Fantasy, Role Playing Escapes

Dungeon and Dragon Downloads Bring Imagination Alive
The world of Dungeon and Dragon downloads is ever-evolving, changing with each new fan’s imagination. Players themselves make the Dungeon and Dragon world rich, exciting and ever changing.

Dungeon and Dragon Games – Name Your Flavor
Created more than two decades ago, Dungeon and Dragon games revolve around rich fantasy worlds where magic is real and dragons roam free.

Dungeon and Dragons Hero - An Ancient Evolution
The Dungeon and Dragons Hero has its undeniable foundations in ancient mythological lore and has survived the span of...

Dungeon and Dragons Role Playing Games – Computer or Paper and Pencil Fun
Dungeon and Dragons Role Playing Games – Computer or Paper and Pencil Fun. The incredibly extensive worlds that unfold within the dungeons and dragons role playing games line can provide...

Dungeons and Dragons SpellCaster - World of Magic and Mystery
The Dungeons and Dragons SpellCaster is a core element to any successful game or outing. In fact, one would be hard pressed to endeavor into a game without a magic user...

Lord of the Rings Information (9)

Lord of the Rings - Witness A Medieval World
Lord of the Rings - These moves deliver the story in an exciting action-packed style.

Lord of the Ring Aragorn the Brave
Lord of the Ring Aragorn the Brave - Although a human, Aragorn demonstrates bravery and heroics well beyond the realm of that which is expected of his...

Lord of the Ring Characters - Window into Tolkien’s Mind
Lord of the Ring Characters: a Window into Tolkien’s Mind - The Lord of the Ring Characters offer viewers and fans a bay window into JRR Tolkien’s mysterious mind.

Lord of the Ring Figures Are Come to a Store Near You
Lord of the Ring Figures Are Come to a Store Near You - Of course they are in a store near you. Of course these hot little Lord of the Rings Figures are widely available. Why wouldn’t they be?

Lord of the Ring Frodo the Ring Bearer: A Hobbit With Style
Lord of the Ring Frodo the Ring Bearer: A Hobbit With Style

The Lord of the Ring Legolas: When I Think of an Elf
The Lord of the Ring Legolas: When I Think of an Elf... the last thing that I see is a blonde-haired and handsome gentleman. But Legolas is the exception...

Lord of the Rings Pic (Pictures) Are Popular and Widely Available
Lord of the Rings Pic (Pictures) Are Popular and Widely Available. For the consummate Lord of the Rings Picture lover, fret not, pictures of your favorite Lord of the Rings characters and scenes...

Lord of the Rings Toys Abound Online, at Stores
Lord of the Rings toys have found a market all of their own with offerings ranging from action figures and battle...

Lord of the Ring Weapons: a Creative and Successful Hybrid
Lord of the Ring Weapons: a Creative and Successful Hybrid - the Lord of the Rings weapons are a successful and creative hybrid of classic medieval weaponry...

More Medieval Information (22)

Medieval Siege Alerts
Medieval Siege Alerts: Get Your Free Medieval Siege Alerts Today! Find out all of the latest that is happening at

Medieval Blacksmiths Were Key in Shaping the Period
The old saying “a woman’s work is never done” can easily apply as well to medieval blacksmiths.

Medieval Chain Weapons – Fusing Metals and Wood for Deadly Blows
Medieval chain weapons could deliver a deadly blow and woe be the man on the business end of one.

Medieval Crossbow - the Handgun of The Middle Ages
The idea behind the medieval crossbow predates the machine by quite some time.

Medieval Entertainment – Arts Did Thrive in a Dark Time
Medieval entertainment takes many forms some considered artistic, others perhaps barbaric.

Medieval Food Recipes – Station Dictated Diet
When it comes to medieval food recipes, the variety and choices will likely surprise some. Station in life, however, often determined the kinds of foods available for culinary delight.

Medieval Helms – Headgear Could Mean the Difference Between Life and Death
Medieval helms made from good steel or iron were hard to come by for the average man.

Medieval Japanese Swords - Weapons of Honor
Unlike European swords, the medieval Japanese swords were made of finer iron. The length of time Japanese sword makers had been working the craft, too, showed in the quality of their finished pieces.

Medieval Longbow – Death from Afar
While medieval longbows from different periods and locations vary slightly in their main materials, the standard examples are pretty uniform.

Medieval Manors
Information on medieval manors, who owned them, what made them special, and much more.

Medieval Medicines – Giving Snake Oil Salesmen a Bad Name
Medieval medicines were rudimentary at best. They equated to quackery in some cases and evolved into modern practice in others.

Medieval Music History – Sounds of the Times Truly Set it Apart
Like many aspects of the time, medieval music history is spotty at best. Since many movements were passed on orally, rather than written down, a lot of the music of the times has been lost, but...

Medieval Peasants Lived a Life of Hardship
Learn about Medieval Peasants - Although medieval peasants living as serfs under the feudal system worked very hard and owed their land and home to their lord, they did have some rights.

Medieval Punishment – Law and Order of the Middle Ages
Learn all about Medieval Punishment. Medieval punishment would not exist without medieval law. The laws that ruled the land and set the medieval punishment for crimes varied.

Medieval Times Clothing – Color, Styles Set the Nobility Apart
Medieval times clothing styles varied from class to class throughout the period. The nobles’ attire was generally more elaborate with imported fabrics a possibility while peasants...

Medieval Times Food – Simplicity, Availability Dictated Diet
Medieval times food was a bit more elaborate than a modern person might think. Considering, however, the lack of modern storage conveniences, supermarkets and fast food restaurants, medieval times...

Medieval Time Period - Dark Ages Or Age of Wonder?
While the medieval time period did not see the advances of the Age of Reason, this period was really anything but dark.

Medieval Weapon History – An Evolution in Killing
Medieval weapon history is truly an evolution of what had come before, with skilled weapons makers ever perfecting their craft.

Medieval Weapon Information – from Swords to Catapults
With attacks coming from neighbors, strangers and the country next door, medieval weapon information was vital for a person’s survival. What to use to defend or even attack, however, depended...

Middle Age Pictures - some of my favorites
A selection of my favorite middle age pictures including medieval knights, medieval castles and more!

Picture of Medieval Weapon Types Show Artistic, Craftsmanship Advances
Whether it’s a painting meant to entertain and decorate or an actual photograph of a piece of weaponry, a picture of medieval weapon types can really show how far man had come by the Middle Ages.

Weapon Of Medieval Times – from Farm Implements to Catapults
If it could kill, it was a weapon of medieval times. The Middle Ages started out with a predominance of low-grade iron cast weapons and ended with fine steel as the material of choice.

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