Pictures of Medieval Knights Provide Insight into Medieval History

This page contains various pictures of medieval knights that are hosted on this site plus links and descriptions to various quality websites I have found that feature medieval knight pictures.

Here is a picture of an early medieval knight. Notice the simple clothing and primitive cloth armor.
Picture of early medieval knight

This is a picture of a medieval knight ready for battle. You can determine the battle-readyness from this image by the fact that this knight is holding a sword and a shield. We can see some improvement in the defense due to the shield compared to the early medieval knight picture above.
Picture of medieval knight holding sword and shield

This is a picture of a medieval knight outfitted in a full suit of armor. You will notice this image illustrates a tremendous advancement in the defense of the knight. While this knight will have more trouble moving around and lack the speed of the knights above the full suit of armor will allow this knight to absorb a lot of blows.
Picture of medieval knight in full suit of armor

As I post new pictures of medieval knights I will list them in this section.

Pictures of Medieval Knights at other Sites

A picture of a statue featuring a medieval knight on a war horse.
View this medieval knight picture