Middle Age Pictures

What is it about middle age pictures that are so alluring? I guess it is because they allow us to look in on "another world".

A strange and interesting place made so much more appealing because we know it is real!

On this page you will find several links to some of my personal favorites! I sincerely hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

As you look at these images pay special attention to the amazing craftsmanship and style. Who cannot appreciate the majestic beauty of medieval castles or the intricate weapons & armor used by medieval knights? Certainly not I!

Here is a an interesting Middle Ages knight poster

Below are several pictures of medieval castles.

Hold your mouse over an image to see the name of the castle. In time I will add more information such as when the castle was built, who built it, and any major events that happened regarding it.

Beaumaris Castle Bodiam Castle Dartmouth Castle Dover Castle Leeds Castle Nunney Castle St. Mawes Castle Warwick Castle Windsor Castle