The Power and Glory
of Middle Age Knights

We have all heard of the mounted warriors known as the Middle Age Knights (or Medieval Knights).

Their epic battles and heroic deeds have become legends. One thing is certain, a Medieval Knight is a symbol of bravery.

Who were the Middle Age Knights and what was their purpose?

Why have these Medieval Knights become a symbol of romance and power?

Let’s look closer at history and see if we can find some answers.

Knights were warriors who traveled and battled while mounted on horseback. Obviously, that is not to say these knights never walked around. The point is Knights in the Middle Ages were highly skilled in both riding and fighting on horseback.

Employed by Lords, and furnished with the equipment and training they needed, Middle Age Knights were well cared for and well prepared to serve their Lord. This service included guarding castles, fighting battles and upholding political or religious ideals through exertion of brute force upon any that dared oppose the ideals of his Lordship.

During the crusades of the 1200s, the Knights were looked to for the savior and redemption of souls. Although seen as being incredibly brave, one must consider the service the Middle Age Knights were required to give their Lord.

Bound by their word and pledge of service, these knights truly displayed bravery that was seldom seen in the centuries to follow. As a warrior and savior, they gained admiration and respect. Often will you read the tale of a single Middle Age Knight engaging in battle with 3 or even more enemies. And often you will find it was the remaining enemies who ran away rather than the Knight who fell.

In the Middle Ages often the demonstration of power through battle and contests won Knights an opportunity to showcase their skill in wielding the sword or lance on horseback.

As part of an effective military force, Middle Age Knights would work together in cavalry formations, unleashing a formidable driving force upon its enemy’s ranks. The speed in which they could move and run on horseback lent to their effectiveness in the field.

It could be easily assumed that with such skill and glory, the Knights would be in control of their own destinies.

Nothing could be farther from the truth however. Despite their elevated image in society, these Knights lived a life of servitude under the control of their lord.

As one of these Knights, your career was chosen for you, your wife was chosen for you and the land that your family lived on could be taken from you without a moments notice. Everything was for the glory and honor of the Lord. Not the one true Lord of the Heavens above but for the Knight’s Lord of the land.

And they were bound by the words and laws of their Lords. In this way, one might say that the glory of Middle Age Knights was but an illusion although their deeds were great and their skills rarely were equaled.