Middle Age Castles

Large stone Middle Age castles were built in Europe during the Middle Age. But what exactly is meant by the phrase Middle Age Castles and what was the Middle Age?

The early Middle Ages began in 600 CE and lasted until 1050 CE.

The period from 1050 to 1300 is generally considered the High Middle Ages. It was during this time that Western Europe arose as a great power with only China equaling it. The Late Middle Ages began in 1300 CE and ended around 1500 CE.

Generally, when people refer to the Middle Ages they mean approximately 450-1450 CE.

Middle Ages Timeline

Now I invite you to enter into the world of Middle Age castles.

Stand in awe of the security and defensive power of 5-foot thick stone walls and high rising turrets.

It becomes immediately apparent that these castles are designed with painstaking intent to maximize function as a fortress and designed to allow for its defense.

After all, the most important purpose of these early castles was to protect and secure the kingdom from attack.

Another important function of these castles was to allow for total self-sufficiency within, in order to hold out for long periods of time should they come under siege.

Imagine your place as a lord, a lady, or a knight in one of these castles!

This time period was exciting indeed. Filled with royalty and royal subjects, Middle Age castles served as, not only a fortress to protect the interests of the kingdom, but also as a commune for the gathering and commerce of the people of the kingdom.

Often filled with the hustle and bustle of traders, merchants, laborers, women, and children, these Middle Age castles were centers of activity, bursting at the seams with life.

When you arrived at a castle, you often approached large oaken doors flanked by guard posts. There would be a drawbridge awaiting the passage of the king’s army or the coming of a royal host.

Upon entering, you may have been detained by guards. One thing is certain, your entrance would be filled with an excitement and curiosity.

Inevitably, your eyes would be drawn to the sheer immenseness of the inner walls, filling you with a sense of impenetrability.

But don’t be fooled, these early castles suffered their breach by the power and persistence of medieval war machines operated by archrivals.

Middle Age castles were a representation of a kingdom’s strength and an architectural beauty that even enemy armies appreciated enough to work at preventing damage to the castles whenever possible.

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