Medieval Webrings Uncover the Hidden Gems of the Internet

If you are not familiar with the term medieval webrings (or webring for that matter) let me describe the purpose of webrings.

Just as many companies and individuals interested in medieval history and products band together in medieval associations off the web, webrings provide a way for unique websites focusing on similiar topics to band together online.

Each member of the webring places a chunk of code on their site that allows visitors to visit the websites of other members of the webring.

This does two things: first, it allows the visitor to find new websites they may not have found and second, it allows each website to expand its reach on the Internet and gain new visitors the site may not have reached without partipating in the webring.

As you can see this is a win-win for everyone!

If you are looking for additional websites on medieval castles, medieval siege weapons, medieval weapons, medieval armor or other topics in medieval history please use the webring navigation boxes below to see what is available.

If you are the owner of a medieval website please consider joining one (or more) of the webrings below.

Recommended Medieval Webrings

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