Medieval Trebuchets

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Please note that I realize trebuchets and mangonels are both forms of catapults. I have chosen to seperate trebuchets from catapults so this site is easier to navigate.

Build Trebuchets - Do You Want to?
If you think the idea of someone wanting to build trebuchets in these modern times is absurd, think again.

Design A Trebuchet – Make History Come Alive
Design A Trebuchet – Make History Come Alive. If you’re in the market to design your own trebuchet, paying homage to the great medieval siege weapon, your quest should begin in your own mind.

Free Trebuchet Plans Available in Books, on Internet
When looking at free trebuchet plans, the counterweight should be up to 100 times the weight of the missile, but not less than 80 times its weight.

History of Trebuchets from The Middle Ages On
The history of trebuchets, an advanced outgrowth of earlier catapults, is believed to begin in the 12th century, during...

The Trebuchet - a Medieval Siege Weapon
The Trebuchet - one of the most powerful medieval siege weapons. Discover tebuchet history and how to build them from scratch or by using trebuchet plans.

Trebuchet Blue Print – How to Build Your Own Siege Engine
Trebuchet Blue Print – How to Build Your Own Siege Engine. So, you’re looking to build your own trebuchet? The best place to start is on the Internet where existing trebuchet blue print offerings...

Trebuchet Designs – A French Innovation in Siege Warfare
Trebuchet Designs – A French Innovation In Siege Warfare. Considered one of the most effective of siege weapons, trebuchet designs vary through the ages from their...

Trebuchet History - Interesting Notes
Trebuchet History - discover the fascinating history of the medieval trebuchet.

Trebuchet Kits Large Or Small Help Bring History To Life
If you’ve decided to build your own catapult, perhaps one of the best places to start is by looking for an appropriate sized kit.

Trebuchet Physics – Science Makes The Machine
Trebuchet physics are the reason these machines became one of the most feared siege weapons of all time.

Trebuchet Plans – Precision Is Key
When looking over the variety of trebuchet plans available, it’s important to make sure the design is tested and true...

Sling Trebuchet Changed the Face of Siege Warfare
A sling trebuchet has five primary parts: counterweight, frame, beam, guide chute and of course the sling. In a well-built trebuchet, the frame supports the other parts and provides a raised platform.

Gravity Catapults - Last Step in the Evolution of Medieval Siege Weapons
Learn about gravity catapults, the Chinese contribution to the evolution of medieval siege weapons.

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