Medieval Times Dinner Show a Night to Remember

So it right back and enjoy the Medieval Times dinner show. It is sure to amaze you, and the food’s not half bad either.

Imagine yourself in a land far, far away, in a distant time when everything was different, when there was no electricity, no telephone, no late night television, to video games, and of course no radio to listen to. Organized sports had for the most part dried up, or at least sports as the Greeks knew them, and as we know them today.

Medieval Times dinner show strives to and achieves a successful reenactment of the various modes of entertainment available in the middle ages. So what did they do for fun? Take a trip to Medieval Times and enjoy a dinner show to find out, or of course you could continue to read on.

Step into the dinner show and you are immediately transplanted into a far off place, a land full of mystery and a little magic. But of course it is, Medieval Times succeeds in offering patrons an exact, to scale replica of what life once was in a land far away, when dragons roamed the countryside and knights full of bravery and honor defended the name of their king.

And at a Medieval Times dinner show knights defend both their honor and the name of their king in nightly battle in front of thousands of eager wide-eyes patrons, confused between the delightful entertainment and the immense spread of food on the table before them.

Once the patron, or guests of the nobleman as you are eventually referred to at Medieval Times depart the great hall and enter the arena, seats are taken and the show commences. A jester entertains while the nobleman again welcomes his cherished guests to Medieval Times dinner show. The meal is served by period dressed actors. And what a meal it is. No utensils are available or use, of course they aren’t. Medieval people rarely used forks, spoons, and the knives were saved for battle. So how did they eat? In short, they ate with their hands, and so will you.

Soup is drank right from the bowl at Medieval Times and the main course, well, it is served on a pewter platter in grand middle aged style. The meal itself at Medieval Times consists of baked chicken, ribs, assorted vegetables, and of course the all important bread. For the adults, an ale is optional, otherwise a variety of ordinary beverages are served. The service is slow, but it is a dinner theater, not an ordinary restaurant. And for patrons of Medieval Times dinner show, complaints are handled swiftly. Of course they are, it’s the middle ages.

The experience at Medieval Times dinner show is well worth the expense and or travel. For detailed location information and pricing guides, Medieval Times dinner show can be visited at

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