Medieval Times Dallas: Hear Ye, Hear Ye...

Come one and come all to the fabulous Medieval Times Dallas Texas Restaurant, a place rivaled by none, unparalleled in its grandiose capacity, unsurpassed in quality, pleasure, enjoyment, gluttony! Come one and come all to the marvelous Medieval Times Restaurant in Dallas, Texas.

No really, come one and come all to Medieval Times. Really, it’s not something you should miss out on. Of course when you walk into Medieval Times Dallas Restaurant (MTDR) there is a cashier eagerly waiting at the end of the corridor to take your money (and the price of admission is not cheap), but he or she is dressed in Medieval garb. Everyone at MTDR is dressed in period costumes. It’s part o the lure.

These free-standing structures are built to resemble a medieval fortification, a castle, a noble home that the proprietors happily loan you and about 1000 other guests multiple times per night. Dinner is fixed. The price is set and the menu options are rather limited. But don’t get scared away from Medieval Times Dallas Restaurant. Just go and try it out. Locations vary across the continent (North America) and are, for the moment rather limited as well. But Medieval Times seems to be in the process of expanding, having recently opened its 8th location in Washington, DC.

Of Medieval Times' eight locations, the Dallas Castle is among the most picturesque, featuring a beautiful fish-filled moat beneath the drawbridge. Once you have taken care of the natural business transaction with the good folks at the Medieval Times restaurant in Dallas, dinner parties are escorted into a great hall similar to what one would have encountered in an original medieval castle.

Medieval Times Dallas Restaurant staff, dressed in period costumes entertain the guests as everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of their host, the castle nobleman, who will introduce the evening’s gathering.

MTDR boasts jesters to juggle and dance, musicians to play and sing, knights to flirt and strut, as well as the all important dames and damsels to swoon around the great hall and place their witching spell on all of the good lads caught by their gaze.

Medieval Times Dallas Restaurant employee, or the nobleman as he much prefers to be called (don’t ask him to go and get you another Coke, he’ll surely order your timely execution), will take the podium about half an hour after you have been seated. He introduces the gathering and speculates on the fine entertainment he and his family have been able to procure for you that particular evening. Stewards from MTDR immediately escort you from the long wooden tables set up in the great hall into what appears by every right to be a stadium.

At first glance the interior of this stadium in Medieval Times Dallas Restaurant looks much like an indoor soccer stadium. But more on this later, let’s move onto the food. Just an overview though, you’ve got to read on to the next selection for the true piece d’resistance in Medieval Times Dallas Restaurant.

The experience provided by Medieval Times Dallas Restaurant is absolutely amazing. You have got to go and try it out for yourself. I could very well sit here and tell you all about Medieval Times Dallas Restaurant, but then there is no incentive for you to read onto the next selection.

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