Medieval Times Coupon Provides Savings for Hungry Jousting Fans

By taking advantage of the Medieval Times coupon, history buffs and fantasy fanatics with a hankering to see live tournaments, can get dinner and a show for a discount.

The chain of eight “castles” across the country, and in Canada, offers customers who look online savings through the Medieval Times coupon. Each castle offers its own discount and the Medieval Times coupon must be printed out by the patron in advance of their intended visit. The amount of the discount offered varies, but the food and show design are fairly consistent at all locations.

Users of the Medieval Times coupon will save a few bucks while enjoying a dinner banquet fit for a king or queen. The coupon reduces the price of entry, which includes the meal and show. Typical fare provided during a show with or without the Medieval Times coupon includes vegetable soup, roast chicken, spare rib, garlic bread, potatoes and dessert, along with a beverage.

The Medieval Times coupon provides extra savings on entry to one of the best all-around mock Medieval events going. The entire evening is choreographed to transport patrons back in time to witness what might have occurred at a stately court.

Patrons both using the Medieval Times coupon and those without are first granted access to the “castle” where they can browse displays, a gift shop, and more. The items available within the castles themselves are quite impressive ranging from weaponry to period costumes and figurines.

After a brief pause to gawk offered patrons entering the castles with or without the Medieval Times coupon, the show begins with a welcome from the King and Queen in the castle’s entry room. From there, guests are escorted into a great hall with rows and rows of tables that surround a center jousting field.

As dinner is served, “champions” for the impending competition are introduced and audience members are assigned their knight to root for as court members gear up the crowd for an evening of tactics, battle and excitement.

As the evening unfolds, knights battle it out on the field as other performers bring the whole scene to life. The exquisite costumery donned by the knights and members of the court make the price of admission well worth it, with or without the Medieval Times coupon, as does the incredible show of horsemanship and stunt work that plays out on the field below as audience members look on and cheer for their knight.

In addition to the Medieval Times coupon, discounts are available for large parties and also for school groups wishing to learn more about the history of the middle ages. Teachers can write ahead for a teaching guide to assist their students in learning more both before and after a visit.

A Medieval Times coupon is only valid at the location it is printed for. The dinner theater has locations in Buena Park, Calif., Dallas, Texas, Schaumburg, Ill., Toronto, Canada, Lyndhurst, N.J., Baltimore/Washington, D.C., Myrtle Beach, S.C., and Kissimmee, Fla.

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