Medieval Times California Takes Visitors Back in Time

A flux capacitor isn’t necessary for a trip back in time when Medieval Times California is the destination.

A visit to this theme location will take guests back to the Middle Ages where kings and queens ruled the court and knights in shining armor were not just the stuff of legends. Guests will enjoy a meal of epic proportions along with a tournament and show complete with a joust as they enjoy the Medieval Times California location.

Medieval Times California, the Buena Park castle, is one of several Medieval Times locations found in the United States. The theme restaurant is fairly consistent from location to location with a wondrous show keeping guests involved in the fun.

A trip to Medieval Times California begins with a pre-show greeting in a large holding area where guests are welcomed by the castle’s royalty. The king and queen then invite visitors into the arena, which also doubles as the dining room. Here guests at Medieval Times California will be seated before a large tournament area where brave knights will fight on horseback for the champion title. Visitors are broken off into different groups, each with their own knight to cheer for. Visitors are encouraged to get into the act by rooting the loudest for the knight donning their colors.

As the show at Medieval Times California proceeds, guests will be repeatedly encouraged to cheer for the knight that represents their seating section as servants of the king and queen lay out a spread sure to quench any appetite.

A meal at Medieval Times California consists of several courses. Roasted chicken, vegetables and bread that is out of this world will be served on faux pewter as the night’s events unfold. Spectators at Medieval Times California are in for a serious treat as the horsemanship of the knightly riders is truly a sight to behold. Both the horses and riders are dressed in full medieval regalia fitting of a royal court, providing a nice glimpse into the past as they make their way onto the tournament field.

Once the tournament is over, guests at Medieval Times California are free to explore the location’s well stocked gift shop where items such as costumes, photographs and even swords may be purchased. The entire evening’s events last several hours, well worth the price of admission considering a full course meal and a show that’s well choreographed.

The cost to enter the king’s tournament at Medieval Times California is $47.95 for adults and $33.95 for children under 12. This does not include tax and tip. Discounts for Medieval Times California are available online at The Medieval Times California location is in Buena Park, near Disney Land. More information about the destination, dinner, the show and even other locations can be found on the Medieval Times California web site at

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