Medieval Time Weapons: Gruesome Killing Machines

Medieval Time Weapons are exact replicas of the arsenal known to have been used by warriors in the middle ages.

Knights of Medieval Times readily use these killing instruments in nightly combat against one another in a vast arena. Medieval Time Weapons require immense skill and careful deployment as to avoid serious injury and or damage.

The weapons are slightly more than realistic. These weapons of Medieval Times are in fact true to form. They are as they once were: blades, spikes and all. Each Medieval Times knight is required to undergo an intensive instructional program and serve as a squire before he may perform in the arena. In his capacity as a squire, he watches and learns the operation of each device, how to deliver the blow and most importantly, how to receive it.

Medieval Time Weapons are used today as they were hundreds of years ago; slashing weapons are used to slash, stabbing to stab, crushing to crush, all with one intent, win the contest. Warriors throughout the ages have not changed. While the motivations behind warfare may alter slightly from generation to generation, the core motives remain true; territory, pride, greed, and o course defense. For the knights at Medieval Times, weapons are used to defend honor and pride. Called to the arena, each knight makes his selections and competes in various challenges with different instruments, all to the immense delight of the patrons.

Upon entering the arena, knights are required to select their weaponry. The options range from the lance, a weapon used in battle or in a tournament from a mounted position. The knight would select a lance from the Medieval Time Weapons if he were preparing to engage in what is called the joust. Two mounted riders face one another at a distance ranging from 50 to 500 feet, wherein they charge and use the lance to attempt to spear one another. The object is to knock one adversary off of his horse to score points. In the middle ages, death was a frequent outcome.

Medieval Time Weapons also included the always crowd pleasing sword, a slashing weapon used from both the mounted position and in hand to hand combat. The sword was the secondary weapon to be used once the lance was either broken or discarded. Medieval Time Weapons arsenals host two types of sword, the Espada or one hand short sword and the Mandoble or long two-handed sword used primarily from the standing position. Knights using Medieval Time Weapons would next turn to the mace, a violent and brutal weapon used to crush an opponent. This instrument boasted a sharp head mounted atop a long wooden or metal rod, a striking weapon to say the least.

Of course no discussion of Medieval Time Weapons is complete without a discussion of the bola and the Alabarda, both of which prove monumentally devastating to those on th opposing end of a blow. The bola is a large spiked ball connected to a wood rod by a turning chain. Needless to say it delivers a powerful and destructive assault. And the Alabarda or long battle axe was a combination of a spear and an axe, used to stab, slash, jab, and strike at an adversary.

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