Medieval Study Brings Humanity into Focus

Medieval study is not an interesting passtime for many people however, for those few who take the time to research medieval history a tremendous wealth of knowlege is unlocked.

You might be wondering "how can medieval study be of any value to me right now in this modern world?"

Keeping in mind this is only my opinion on the matter let me share why I believe the study of medieval history will not only intrigue but also reward you.

Greater Understanding of Humanity

That sums it up nicely.

Medieval study will reveal the actions and choices made by silly creatures known as human beings many hundreds of years ago.

Through their medieval history you will discover the hardhsips and joys of these (dare I say it?) primitive humans. And despite all of the outward differences between "them" and "us" due to modern technology I think you may just find we have much in common with these people.

Their hopes, dreams, faith, and even many of their daily worries and struggles... basically all of the truly important things have endured the passing of time between the Middle Ages and today.

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve.” - Napoleon Hill

Medieval study also reveals the creativity and resourcefulness of human beings.

Through medieval history we learn about the invention of eye glasses (or spectacles as they were once called) as well as the advancements in the weapons of war.

Of course, the latter certainly throws light on the darker side of human beings. Once again, medieval study reveals the parallels between these medieval people and ourselves.

We can also witness the evolution of the Church and medieval law.

So, you see, medieval study provides a wealth of knowledge. It is a study that will help you to better understand humanity and perhaps in the process you will better understand yourself as well.