Threat of Medieval Siege Weapons

Most feared by any kingdom was the threat of medieval siege weapons.

These siege weapons unleashed destruction that could result in the loss of a castle and subsequently the fall of the kingdom.

A medieval kingdom was limited in its ability to counter the effects of siege weapons. This is in part why these weapons evoked such a sense of fear and even desperation from its target. With such weapons, castles could be devastated and castle breach was almost assured.

We will take a look at the kinds of siege weapons that were used and how these weapons upheld such a imminent threat.

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When we think of these weapons, several vivid images come to mine. For example, we think of the trebuchet, launching a missile of such destruction force that it would shake the very foundation of a castle.

We think of the ballista, sending forth a spear that could scatter ranks of the enemy and pierce their protective shields.

The thought of these weapons conjure up images of these fierce catapults, and would not be complete without the vision of mangonels, a relatively easy to build catapult.

With the use of siege weapons, an attacking force would begin an assault on a castle. Trebuchets would be put to use to penetrate castle walls.

The strategic placement of siege weapons would cause a scattering of forces within the castle and could split the concentration of castle forces enough to launch additional assaults, preparing the way for a breach of the castle.

Through time, the effectiveness of these siege weapons began to reshape power and authority, control over kingdoms, and the strategies of war. The result of this change gave rise to the need for defense against medieval siege weapons.

As this need grew, innovations of war were spurred on and new ways were developed to answer the threat of medieval siege weapons. Although methods were invented and useful strategies employed, little could be done to quell the fear of medieval siege weapons.

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