Medieval England Castle – Dotting the Landscape with Ties to the Past

Few places have a history as rich and steeped in the past as the British Isles.

Medieval England castle structures dot the landscape today, reminding visitors of the past and helping them marvel at the architectural genius of those who came hundreds and hundreds of years before.

Great Britain is home to dozens of medieval England castle examples that survive to this day. Many have been restored to their original splendor to give tourists a thrill of a lifetime. Some medieval England castles still serve the descendants of the people who built them.

The famous Norman invasion of 1066 brought medieval England castle designs into their own. William of Normandy, then crowned king of England, was a strong proponent of these huge, stone fortifications. He began to dot the landscape with medieval England castle structures to help defend his country and rule from attack. Early English castles, many of which survive today as great examples of medieval England castles, were strategically located where geography could help them serve their purpose for protection. Hilltops often played host to the earlier structures.

As designs and building techniques improved, so too did the overall impressiveness of these medieval England castle designs. Stone structures such as the Tower of London and Warwick castle survive today.

Medieval England castle examples are often open to tourists either for day tours or overnight stays. These rehabilitated buildings show the ingenuity of early builders and their capability to create massive structures without benefits of modern machinery. When visiting Britain, some of the medieval England castles visitors can still see include Bolton Castle, Amberly Castle, the Tower of London, Leeds castle and more. Tourism sites on the Internet provide a wealth of information about castles to visit and castles to stay at.

When looking for medieval England castle information, researchers don’t have to look hard. Ever since 1066 and even into today, these massive buildings have served as a backdrop for English life. Once great buildings of protection, medieval England castle examples that survive serve as huge tourist draws and great places of learning for historians and architects.

Books, web sites, documentaries and even guided-historic tours provide a wealth of information on medieval England castle locations and the people who lived in them. Many medieval England castles are thought to be haunted, providing a bit of intrigue and fun to tours that include overnight stays.

If you’re looking for good information on medieval England castle examples, one of the best places to start a search is the Internet. Here you will find lots of pictures, tourist information, historical information and more. Also, there are even sites dedicated to medieval England castle spirits and lore.

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