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Please note that I realize trebuchets and mangonels are both forms of catapults. I have chosen to seperate trebuchets from catapults so this site is easier to navigate.

Build a Catapult - You Can!
If you are interested in learning how to build a catapult be sure to check out this site.

Build Catapults – Miniatures or Full Size Models the Choice is Yours
Build Catapults – Miniatures Or Full Size Models - If you’re in the market to build catapults at home for a community/club project or even for school, the best places to...

Building Catapults Required Engineering Know How
When building catapults, armies had to include in their ranks those people capable of employing complicated mathematical formulas and turning them into machines of war.

Catapult (mangonel) - a Medieval Siege Weapon
The Catapult - one of the powerful medieval siege weapons. Discover catapult history and how to assemble them from kits or build from scratch using easy to follow plans.

Catapult Design - Advancements in Technology
Because of the variation in the types of catapults used for castle siege during medieval Europe, catapult design has taken on many forms...

Catapult Diagram Examples Available On The Internet
Whether you’re looking to create an exact replica of a famous machine of medieval siege warfare or a smaller version just for fun, finding a catapult diagram isn’t very difficult.

Catapult History - A Glance at the history of the catapult
Catapult History: learn about the history of the medieval catapult.

Catapult Instructions – Hitting the Mark the Old Fashioned Way
Making sure a projectile gets from Point A to Point B without falling short of the mark requires good catapult instructions.

Catapult Makes – Varieties Offer Pros and Cons
Catapult Makes – Varieties Offer Pros And Cons. Catapult makes technically involve any machine that is designed for hurling, or catapulting, missiles.

Catapult Models Echo History, Physics Lessons
Finding catapult models isn’t very difficult if you look on the Internet, from tiny desktop replicas to full scale versions of the early machines of siege warfare.

Catapult Mouse Trap Offers New Twist On Old Design
Catapult Mouse Trap Offers New Twist On Old Design.

Catapult Pictures Inspire Designers, Decorators
Catapult Pictures Inspire Designers, Decorators. Medieval buffs with a penchant for siege warfare might find themselves interested in taking a look at historic and...

Catapult Plans From Middle Age Models To Modern Toys
Catapult plans are as diverse as the great weapons of siege themselves. From basic toy, sling shot-type catapults to...

Gravity Catapults - Last Step in the Evolution of Medieval Siege Weapons
Learn about gravity catapults, the Chinese contribution to the evolution of medieval siege weapons....

History of Catapult – From Ancient to Modern Times
The history of catapult spans from ancient times well into the modern area with the basic principles of propulsion...

Homemade Catapult Projects Provide Lessons In History, Mathematics
Homemade Catapult Projects Provide Lessons In History, Mathematics.

How to Make a Catapult - Your First Project
How to make a catapult shows you how a complete beginner can successfully build a working catapult or trebuchet.

Middle Age Catapults - what they were, how they were made, how they were used
Middle age catapults were used as siege engines to attack fortresses or cities, causing crushing and sometimes...

Onager Catapult – Roman Ingenuity at Work
Actually known as the mangonel, the onager catapult is a nickname for this machine of war. Of all the catapult designs involved in this type of siege weapon’s ascent from simple machine to great...

Roman Catapults – A Play Off Greek Inventions
It’s long been known many of the great advancements credited to the Roman Empire actually came from the Greeks.

Simple Catapults - from Sling Shots to Desktop Models
Simple catapults have existed since ancient times when it first occurred to man to create a device...

Tension Catapults - First Catapults Created by the Greeks
Learn about tension catapults, the first step in medieval siege weapons.

Torsion Catapults - Early Greek Siege Engines
Learn about torsion catapults, early medieval siege weapons produced by the Greeks.

Traction Catapults - Siege Weapon Technology Advances
Learn about traction catapults, the next step in medieval siege weapon technology.

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