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  1. Examples of Medieval Catapults include the ___ and ___?

    Ballista and battering ram

    Mangonel and trebuchet

    Siege tower and trebuchet

  2. The most effective power source for the medieval catapult was ___?

    Torsion-power - ropes tightly twisted
         through some kind of cranking

    horses pulled back on ropes
         attached to the lever

    Human-power - people quickly
         jumped up & down causing the
         lever to tighten

  3. The primary goals of catapult design were...

    Faster loading
         * 1 launch per minute
         * Easier to carry out to the battlefield

    * Increased weight of "missile"
         * Easier steering of the platform
         * Better shielding

    Longer range
    * Increased weight of "missile"
    * Greater accuracy

  4. Where did the nickname "Onager" come from?

    The name of person who invented this

    The fierce kick the machine delivered
         when fired

    The fierce temperament of its

  5. What was the forerunner of the Onager Catapult?

    The ballista

    The trebuchet

    The mangonel