Medieval Castles

Picture of early medieval castle surrounded by a wall

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Build a Medieval Castle
Build a medieval castle to tickle the fancy of a history buff, to help bring the past to life for children or to create a one-of-a-kind home.

Castle Defend - Medieval Castle Defense - Defend Your Castle
Castle Defend - Learn how to defend your castle. Moats are only one of many castle defense techniques.

Castle Floor Plans - learn all about them
Castle Floor Plans - Castles have long evoked romantic images in the eyes of their beholders. But that has not always been the case.

Castle Maze - Inside and Out
If you have ever experienced the wonder and mystery of a castle maze you will be able to understand why...

Castle Spirits – Haunting Halls Into Eternity
Castle spirits and their appearances are interwoven into the history of hundreds of former fortresses and palaces...

History of Medieval Castles is an Evolution in Wartime Defense
The history of medieval castles was driven by the need for better defenses.

Information On Medieval Castles Is At Your Fingertips
A simple search for information on medieval castles can transport you back in time. From Ireland and Scotland to Germany and beyond, information on medieval castles is readily available.

Medieval Blue Prints Serve As Great Learning Tools
Although actual renderings of medieval blue prints are hard to come by, there are plenty of examples of scale drawings and other blue print materials from medieval times available on the Internet.

Medieval Castle Construction
Building a medieval castle was quite a feat, requiring literally armies of craftsmen, from stone cutters to woodsmen, and the process would take many years.

Medieval Castle Defense – Architecture Key To Warding Off Siege
In a time when full-scale attacks and small scrimmages were the rules of the day, it was vital for a medieval castle defense system to take all possibilities into account.

Medieval Castle Drawings Give Insight Into the Medieval Mind
Good medieval castle drawings meant to show how castles were designed will reveal pretty quickly to the observant eye the input that must have been given to each designer.

Medieval Castle Layout was Integral to the Castle's Success
Medieval Castle Layout was Integral to the Castle's Success - The layout of the medieval castle was essential to its position of prominence within the community.

Medieval Castles - A Broader View
Medieval castles (castillos medievales, mittelalterliche Schlösser) hosted a diverse population, including knights, cooks, engineers, entertainers, commoners, and a host of other occupations.

Medieval England Castle – Dotting the Landscape with Ties to the Past
Medieval England castle structures dot the landscape today, reminding visitors of the past and helping them marvel at the architectural genius of those who came hundreds and hundreds of years before.

Medieval Irish Castles – Relics of the Past Survive Today
Medieval Irish castles were pretty much non-existent on any of the isles until the Norman invasion in 1066. By the 1160s, medieval Irish castles began to make their appearance on the scene.

Medieval Times Castles Cover the European Landscape
From Ireland to Germany and beyond, great examples of medieval times castles can still be witnessed today. Whether in ruins or restored, these giant stone fortresses speak to a past that was...

Middle Age Castles - Wonders from the Middle Age
Explore the wonders of Middle Age Castles. This section includes Medieval Castle Pictures and Medieval Castle Floor Plans.

Picture of Medieval Castles Open Windows to the Past
Few objects can bring the history of the Middle Ages alive like a picture of medieval castles.

Medieval Castles Pictures
Links and descriptions to various quality websites I have found that feature medieval castles pictures.

If you want to learn more about medieval castles (and I am talking about English Castles, Scottish Castles, Irish Castles, Welsh Castles, German Castles, Italian Castles, European Castles and more!) I highly recommend the following site:

Guide to Castles of Europe
Visit some of Europe’s most picturesque, mysterious and notorious castles and unravel the history, legends, and myths behind celebrated and not so renowned castles.