Medieval Castle Drawings Give Insight Into the Medieval Mind

Imagine the challenge a medieval architect faced when designing a castle. Just look at medieval castle drawings and this starts to become clear.

Good medieval castle drawings meant to show how castles were designed will reveal pretty quickly to the observant eye the input that must have been given to each designer. These buildings, as shown in medieval castle drawings, were large, structurally sound, beautiful and they were the ultimate weapons of defense in an age of heavy warfare.

How did a designer go about meeting all the necessary design demands? Medieval castle drawings give some nice insight into this. Although meant to A.) be lived in; B.) serve as a symbol of power and C.) act as a major defense system in times of siege, those who put together medieval castle drawings prior to construction did roll all these aspects into the same structure. Every design feature on a castle, as shown by medieval castle drawings, was both impressive and strategically sound. From towers that could serve both as prisons and archer stations to elaborate and high walls that protected those inside while offering a great perch upon which to stage a counter attack, the designers of medieval castle drawings for construction knew how to multitask.

Even looking at the medieval castle drawings of today that have a romantic eye cast toward the past will show the attention to detail expected of architects. The high towers shown in medieval castle drawings served to add beauty to the huge, stone structures. They also added defense by increasing the occupants’ line of sight. Windows shown in these towers in medieval castle drawings also served inhabitants well during war by being perfect spots to place archers.

Within most medieval castle drawings a quick eye will also notice the care taken in choosing location. Often placed on hilltops, the surrounding geography assisted in the castle defense as well. Many medieval castle drawings that also include surrounding landscape show castles situated on rivers or even oceanic inlets. This was done for defense and also to give a lord greater control over waterway access. The designers of the castles show in medieval castle drawings had to work hard in many different types of geographic situations to make their buildings stand the test of time.

Medieval castle drawings are readily available today. Whether they are interior room drawings or exterior pictures, they can be found on the Internet, in history books and even in collector items such as tapestries, plates, framed pictures and other decorator pieces. These drawings serve many purposes for the people of today. Not only do medieval castle drawings help us remember the past and pay homage to architects who built incredible buildings without the benefit of modern machinery, they also serve history and architecture students well. In addition, medieval castle drawings are loved by decorators with a penchant for the past.

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