Medieval Ballista

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Below you will find the index of all web pages on this site that provide information on the ballista.

Ballista - Inventing the Medieval Ballista
The Ballista was one of the first catapult weapons used by the Greeks.

Ballista Catapults Early Siege Weaponry At Its Finest
Ballista catapults are believed to have made their first appearance on the battlefield in the fighting days long before the birth of Christ.

Ballista Plans – Greek Ingenuity At Work
Ballista plans range in complexity from the very basic to the very involved. Materials lists range from those...

Tension Catapults - First Catapults Created by the Greeks
Learn about tension catapults, the first step in medieval siege weapons.

I will be adding more pages on the medieval ballista in the future. When these pages are added this index will be updated with links.

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