Medieval Armor

This is the main medieval armor page.

Below you will find the index of all web pages on this site that provide information on armor (including medieval shields).

Heraldry Symbols Medieval Rallying Points, Family Heirlooms
From elaborate designs of mythic creatures to more simple recreations of plants or woodland animals, the use of heraldry symbols is a holdover from the middle ages that often brings families great...

History of Medieval Armor – Protection Was Everything
In a world where small battles and full-scale wars were a part of everyday life, it should come as no surprise that the history of medieval armor is rich.

Leather Armor Making
A simple page with resources on leather armor making.

Medieval Armor Suit – A Fighting Man’s Must Have
In an age when warfare was commonplace, the need to protect oneself was an absolute must. For the fighting class, a medieval armor suit was a necessity many needed, but oftentimes few could afford.

Medieval Shields - Symbols of Protection
Medieval shields served a dual role for knights and soldiers of Europe in the early Middle Ages. First, medieval shields...

Medieval Weapon and Armor – Pieces Common of the Period
In the medieval weapon and armor arena, choice existed, but cost prohibited many from owning the finest. Weapons ranged from swords and lances to catapults.