Lord of the Rings Toys Abound Online, at Stores

Lord of the Rings toys have found a market all of their own with offerings ranging from action figures and battle scene sets to talking Gollum statues and bobble head dolls.

Adult collectors and children alike revel in the abundance of Lord of the Rings (LOR) toys available in the marketplace today. A plastic version of the infamous Aragorn can be found online, in toy stores and even at discount stores such as Wal-Mart and Target. Also, too, collectors’ cards and posters abound in these venues.

Perhaps the most extensive in the Lord of the Rings toys collection are the action figures available. Sets exist for each of the three movies, with each movie represented by its own special color of box. For example, a beautiful blue color adorns the six-inch action figure box in the line presented by Toy Biz for “The Return of the King.”

Each movie’s main characters are represented in these collections. The figures are quite affordable with some stores charging as little at $6 for the six-inch figures. Gandalf, Legolas, Aragorn, Frodo and more are depicted in these LOR toys in remarkably lifelike plastic versions. The quality of the six-inch figures astounds some collectors.

Also available are smaller versions of the action figures in the many available Lord of the Rings toys collection. In addition, 12-inch more doll-like replicas of such characters as Eowyn are readily available on toy store shelves.

What is notable about the 12-inch versions is the care that was taken to recreate the Middle Earth costumes. The Arwen doll, for example, shown in a pose from the original movie, sports a beautifully recreated purple gown and simple headpiece. The faces on these Lord of the Rings toys aren’t as true to life as those molded in harder plastic in the six-inch versions, however.

Collectors may find some of the toys are difficult to obtain. Some buyers find themselves having to go to eBay to round out collections representative of all three of the movie installments.

Also available in LOR toys for adult collectors are life-size replicas of the actual swords used in the movie. The ring wraith sword in particular bears a striking resemblance to that used in the movie and also the one shown in the action figure version of the ghastly servant of Mordor.

From stickers and collectors cards to action figures and dolls and even to more “adult like” replicas of jewelry and swords, Lord of the Rings toys are available. Though sometimes hard to find, these items provide a fun challenge for serious collectors and the more readily available toys can provide hours of entertainment for “big kids” and smaller children alike as battles such as Helm’s Deep are recreated with action figure set.