Lord of the Ring Weapons: a Creative and Successful Hybrid

The Lord of the Ring weapons are a successful and creative hybrid of classic medieval weaponry.

In large capacity, the weaponry employed by the characters in Lord of the Rings is an exact recreation of the weapons known by historians to have been used during the middle and high middle ages, medieval times.

Fortunately numerous period weapons have survived the span of time and historians have been able to study both the design and purpose.

Warfare in medieval days was bloody and brutal, in large part because of the desired weapons of choice. While the Chinese had developed gunpowder centuries before, it was not widely known nor was it utilized by European nations during the middle ages. Tolkien set his trilogy in a period called Middle Earth, a time similar in fashion to medieval times, a spin off of sorts. Weapons from the Lord of the Rings were therefore almost exact replicas of the death instruments used by the medieval warriors.

But which weapons were the most popular. Of course there is the sword, an device that has ben around since the dawn of time, since man was able to gather stones and sharpen them. At first the sword was used to slay animals for food and hides, but as man grew more territorial, the sword became an instrument employed in battle against other men. Its design allows for two motions, slashing and stabbing, both of which are extremely effective. But the sword requires close range combat, hand to hand almost and it opens both adversaries to mortal wounds. Lord of the Rings weapons included the sword and it was presented in various manifestations.

The two most popular sword in the Lord of the Rings weapons are most certainly Strider’s Ranger Sword and Sting, the sword o Frodo, both of which are available on the internet for sale (www.bladesbybrown.com). Of course no discussion of the Lord o the Rings weapons is complete without mention of the Shards of Narsil or Glamdring, Gandalf’s treasures sword, which are again available for individual modern day ownership (www.bladesbybrown.com).

But the sword was not the only weapon used in medieval times and it was certainly not the only Lord of the Rings weapon. Knives to played an essential role in the middle ages and were therefore quite essential to the Lord of the Rings weapons arsenal. Knives were employed for stabbing or throwing and also compelled combatants to engage one another at close range. The most popular Lord of the Rings weapons included the Elven Knife of Strider and the Daggers of Legolas, both of which are for sale (www.bladesbybrown.com).

Weapons of the Lord of the Rings were not however limited to knives and swords. A host of other killing instruments were available for warriors including Gimli’s two axes, his Battle Axe and his Walking Axe. Naturally both can be purchased at www.bladesbybrown.com. And after the axes which were used for intense chopping activities, a host of leather sheathing was needed. Lord of the Rings warriors needed a means by which to carry their equipment, a complex web of leather called sheathing, of which a wide selection is available for sale by Brown Cutlery, an authorized dealer of exact replica Lord of the Rings Weapons.