Lord of the Ring Frodo the Ring Bearer: A Hobbit With Style

The Lord of the Ring Frodo is a Hobbit with style and charisma. Although Frodo only stands three to four feet tall, he packs a mighty punch. With thick curly brown locks, Frodo is significantly better looking then most other hobbits. Frodo’s figure is trim and uncharacteristic of his race.

Born the son of Drogo Baggins and Primula Brandybuck, he was orphaned at a young age and adopted by his wealthy bachelor uncle Bilbo Baggins. Frodo came of age and departed the comfort of his home with Bilbo to begin his life’s journey toward literary greatness.

The Lord of the Ring Frodo is a manifestation of JRR Tolkien’s true literary genius. And his character presents the reader with a coming of age story in itself. Although the entire trilogy is a series of coming of age stories, culminating in the final volume, Frodo’s character is a story in itself that readers of all ages can identify with.

Frodo bring the reader to beg to question the reality of fate. With his parents deceased, Lord of the Ring Frodo is forced to live with his wealthy uncle. The symbolism here is monumental. Ancient mythology is replete with examples and stories of hero’s who, in the beginning of their journey toward greatness, are left to their own devices by some unfair or cruel act of a higher power. Frodo from the beginning of his life fits the model.

His thirtieth birthday brings the greatest life-altering stage; Frodo embarks on his journey toward greatness. Lord of the Ring Frodo is a memorable character not soon forgotten by any who encounter him. His deeds are all memorable, but for Tolkien, the greatest was his assemblage of the Fellowship of the Ring.

This band of brothers organized by Frodo traveled the countryside is their quest to destroy the ring. Lord of the Ring Frodo’s long journey is mostly undertaken in the company of Sam alone, as most of his contemporaries are called into battle. Frodo begins to lose control over the ring, but in a twist of fate that seems to have accompanied Frodo through the whole of his days, the ring is ultimately destroyed.

The Lord of the Ring is centered around Frodo’s journey as insisted on by Gandalf, and it forms the crucial act of Tolkien’s novel. The One Ring is entrusted to Frodo’s care by a fleeing uncle and it is only later in life that Frodo truly learns the true power and lore of One Ring. Gandalf insists that Frodo embark on a quest, that he leave the peace and safety of his home to travel to a distant place and destroy One Ring. The options are grim; total destruction of Middle Earth. Frodo draws on his inner strength and welcome’s Gandalf’s dictates.

The story of the Lord of the Ring centers completely around Frodo’s journey to destroy the One ring. It is a story of unmatched heroism and bravery, of honor and of dignity. Frodo is in himself a coming of age story, a right of passage into manhood, or in this case, hobbithood.