Lord of the Ring Aragorn the Brave

Although a human, the Lord of the Ring Aragorn demonstrates bravery and heroics well beyond the realm of that which is expected of his race. Aragorn, also known as Strider, Elfstone, and Elessar was born on 2931 T.A. to Arathorn and Gilraen.

Aided by Andruil his once broken and now re-forged sword, Aragorn employs the “Flame of the West” in the War of the Ring. His royal descent shines through is both his actions and demeanor as Aragorn leads his army through the Paths of the Dead on his quest to conquer the Corsairs.

The Lord of the Ring Aragorn is known for both his exceptional height and striking good looks; his overall disposition is regal. Aragorn is, by the very nature of his actions, worthy of the crown of the re-united kingdom bestowed upon him. During his reign, peace was restored to the land and like all strong rulers extended the confines of his kingdom’s territory.

But there appears to be something very exceptional about Aragorn as evidenced through the depth of his piercing “keen green eyes,” (Fellowship, 206). Aragorn, Lord of the Ring hero was born to a hidden lineage and raised as Estel, or child of hope. The hope for our hero was the successful re-unification of the empire and his proper restoration to the throne.

After eighteen years of “wandering” and the performance of timeless good deeds, Lord of the Ring Aragorn was finally rewarded by his surrogate father Elrond with the true knowledge of his birth. Aragorn was awarded the ring of Barahir, a symbol of his noble birthright. Lord of the Ring Aragorn was also handed the shards of Narsil, a sword once used by Isildur to remove the Ring from the hand of Sauron; the ring was passed from generation to generation. The scepter though was kept from Aragorn by Elrond, for he had not earned it.

Aragorn was forced by his mother and surrogate father Elrond to earn both his right as king and his right to take a wife. For thirty years the young and charismatic warrior Aragorn worked against the cause of Sauron and eventually came to encounter Gandalf, from whom he was granted a treasury of wisdom which inevitably allowed him to assume his rightful high place among men.

Lord of the Ring Aragorn led his life in pursuit of a dream, a dream which ultimately came to fruition in the re-unification of the empire and the extension of his kingdoms’ lands. He is the typical hero in the Homeric model, a remnant of a time long-passed, carried through the ages and deposited in Middle Earth to carry a people through a desperate struggle against the forces of evil.