Information on Medieval Castles

A simple search for information on medieval castles can transport you back in time. Hop on the Internet and a whole world opens up to you. From Ireland and Scotland to Germany and beyond, information on medieval castles is readily available.

From tourist sites to those that contain historical facts about individual castles to blueprints and drawings, a savvy researcher can literally garner more information on medieval castles from visiting the right Internet sites than an average student in a medieval history class.

If you’re looking for information on medieval castles and their inhabitants, you’re sure to turn up some interesting facts. For example, these ancient bastions of safety served many purposes. They were key in protection, they housed more than just royalty and the ladies of the castle often did a bit more than romance novels will say. Information on medieval castles and their residents can be found at, and a host of other sites.

Sites such as can give a researcher a fair amount of information on medieval castles and their designs. If you’re interested in learning how these behemoths of architecture served the people who lived in them for living and defense, sketches are a great place to start. Not only will you see the layout and design of one of these structures, the visuals will help you gain more information on medieval castles than one might expect. By carefully studying the designs of castles, a student of history or just a fan of castles will plainly be able to see how everything from the rooms to the tower designs was deliberately made to ensure safety in times of war.

Information on medieval castles and warfare is also widely available on the Internet. These giant structures, often built of stone, were prime for defense. High walls, moats, towers and other features meant to help fend off an approaching army were almost always built into these structures.

If traveling to Europe and beyond is on your agenda, information on medieval castles can help add to your vacation. The richness a castle trip provides in culture, history and plain curiosity is amazing. Information on medieval castles that are open to tourists can be found online, through booking agents and even in brochures about tourism in different countries. A traveler can even center a vacation around the information on medieval castles they find. For example, someone who is interested in mixing up history with some good old fashion scary fun, might enjoy touring some of Europe’s “haunted castles.” From Dragsholm Slot in Denmark to Leeds Castle in Kent, the destinations are many and there’s no shortage of information on medieval castles for tourist stops.

Whether it’s for a pure love of history, a desire to scare up a good ghost story or a keen interest in design, information on medieval castles is available.

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