Build a Website that Gets Traffic

A lot of traffic!

If you are here then you must be interested in one of two things:

1. Building your own successful website on a subject you are passionate about.

2. Increasing the amount of traffic to your existing website.

Below, I will try to provide information to help you but first please read..

My Story - Up to 20,000 visitors every month!

Yes, you read that correctly. I am not an Internet Guru and it is just me, not some company!

The website you are visiting today,, was launched on June 1, 2004 and has received as many as 20,000 visitors in a single month. The actual number was 20409 visitors and that happened in May 2005.

Of course, traffic tends to decline during the summer months as people spend less time online. And if you visit Internet Marketing forums or keep up-to-date on the Search Engine scene you will know that Google performed a huge update around May of this year, the update has been called "Bourbon".

Many websites experienced huge drops in traffic from this update. I have read accounts of some websites who relied primarily on Google experiencing traffic drops as high as 85%. This means a website that was once receiving 10,000 visitors per month suddenly found itself receiving about 1,500 visitors per month starting in late May 2005! Wow, that is a huge drop!

This website also experienced a huge drop in the amount of traffic coming from Google. However, during the months of June through August 2005 this website averaged 5,749 visitors each month.

Now that summer has ended traffic to this website is steadily increasing In fact, traffic has already reached 10,000 visitors per month and I expect this to continue to climb back to 20,000 visitors per month or more during winter.

Was It Always this Way?

No! That was simple, wasn't it?

I've always wanted to start an Internet Business and make a living from it.

I have read the "stories" of Internet Gurus making $10,000 per month or more (some people claim to be making as much as $50k per month).

But I was not seeking that kind of fortune. Sure, it would be awesome to make that kind of money but the large amounts of money in itself is not what I was after.

What did I want? Freedom!

By freedom I mean that to me the best thing about having a successful Internet business would be to work when I want, with nobody telling me what to do or how to do it. No long drive to work. More time to do what I want. Okay, I guess the idea that the amount of money I could make was limited only by my own efforts was a great factor as well.

I spent loads of time searching on the Internet for a business I could start. I have tried many Internet Business Opportunities, including an Internet MLM, and even creating computer games and selling them online.

And I really worked hard to build income through all of these oppportunities.

However, in the end, I never made much money from any of them, and more often than not I made no money at all.

But I give credit where it is due so let me say the experiences I received from working on these Internet Business Opportunities increased my awareness and knowledge of Internet Marketing. Not traffic generation but things like setting up email auto responders, putting out newsletters, and writing ad copy.

I was smart enough to realize the biggest problem I was facing, and the reason I was not being successful, is that I did not know how to generate traffic.

As an example of this, my computer game web page received a total of 1,000 visitors over a 6-month period of time. If you break that down you will see the site averaged about 167 visitors per month. During those 6 months, I made only 2 sales of the computer game.

After the computer game venture failed I decided that I was not doing another Internet venture until I studied Internet Marketing thoroughly and really understood how to market online.

I spent the following year studying how to create Direct Sales Page websites and learning everything I could about getting quality targeted traffic.

Traffic is one of the primary (maybe THE most important) factors in succeeding online. Heck, probably for offline success as well.

The more people visiting your local shop the higher the odds are that you will make a sale.

It works the same way online.

Imagine if the web page selling my computer game had received 1,000 visitors per day. Even using the same old page I should have been making 2 sales every single day. During 6 months I would have made over 360 sales. An increase of 180 TIMES over the 2 sales I actually made during those six months!

I think that is about the best example I can give of the power and importance of receiving a lot of traffic.

Other factors can make a big difference in the amount of money you make too. Things such as Conversion Rate are very important.

For example, if I had made a better Direct Sales Page to sell that computer game I may have made 6 sales instead of 2.

Focusing on your Conversion Rate is important and something I do. However, the first priority should be to generate a LOT of traffic.

Why? Because that is where the biggest gains come from.

By building traffic you can increase your earnings by hundreds of times. And then you focus on things like Conversion Rate and double, triple, or possibly even quadruple your earnings again.

Here is another example which I hope will illustrate this point.

As I said above, if I had created a better Direct Sales Page to sell that computer game I would have increased sales.

Let's say I was able to quadruple the Conversion Rate.

Instead of making 2 sales during 6 months I would have made 8 sales.

Sure it is a big difference increasing sales by 4 TIMES but since my sales were so very very low to start with even quadrupling the number of sales still results in only 8 sales during a 6-month period.

Now, imagine what would happen if I had increased targeted traffic to that sales page up to 500 visitors per day.

Based on my Conversion Rate, 500 visitors per day would result in 1 sale each day or about 180 sales during the 6-month period.

Can you see the difference?

From 2 sales to 8 sales in 6 months is not that impressive is it?

From 2 sales to 180 sales in 6 months is a huge increase, right?

Now, imagine I focused on the Conversion Rate and tripled it. Instead of making 180 sales during those 6 months I would have made 540 sales!

What does this tell us? Even quadrupling a tiny number results in a number that is still very small.

However, tripling a large number results in a very large number.

Let Me Continue with the Story of My First-Hand Experience

The more I learned and tested Internet Marketing principles the more I realized what I needed to do to become successful online.

I also learned what to look for and what to stay away from. I learned which marketing techniques worked and which did not.

During the first few months of 2004 I decided I was ready to give the Internet another go and set off to find something I could do online to make money.

It was at this time that I discovered an incredible product.

Actually, I would not call it a product, that seems so cliche.

No, what I found was a real system, a full package to build a successful business.

I spent weeks researching this system, checking out other websites that had been built with it.

To say I was impressed would be an understatement. I saw site after site created by normal people, most of the time with NO Internet Marketing experience at all, receiving hundreds or even thousands of targeted visitors per day!

And the websites themselves... some were so extremely simple I had a hard time accepting these sites were so popular.

Of course, there were several sites that looked great, but there were many many more sites that were extremely simple in my opinion. Unless you knew how to check site popularity very few people would ever believe the amount of visitors going to these sites every day.

One way you can check how popular a website is can be done at a site called

They rank about 16 million websites based on their popularity.

Basically, the more traffic a site receives the lower the Alexa Ranking. For example, Yahoo is #1, MSN is #2, and Google is #3. I wrote this on September 16, 2005 so things may have changed somewhat by the time you are checking but those are the three most popular / most visited websites on the Internet as of right now. And I think they will always be in the top 5.

Can you imagine how many people visit Yahoo or MSN or Google each day? Millions! They actually receive millions of visitors each day!

Most websites will never receive that kind of traffic, and they don't need to get that many visitors to earn a great income.

Companies like Google are making billions per month!

This website is currently ranked at 656,140.

This means this website is the 656,140th most popular site online out of the 16 MILLION sites Alexa takes the time to rank.

And to really appreciate this fact you must consider:

This site does not offer free email.

This site is not a search engine.

This site is not a link exchange.

None of the traffic to this site comes from Traffic Exchanges.

None of the traffic to this site comes from Banner Exchanges.

Without any of those things 380 people visited this site yesterday!

Wrapping It Up!

Well, I imagine by now you know that I jumped on the opportunity to build my website using the same system I had seen other websites using.

Why wouldn't I? With my own eyes, I witnessed the power of this system and you know all along it just seemed "real". It did not have the feel of the latest Guru-Pitched Money Making / Traffic Building Product of the moment. Those things seem to come and go each month. This system has been in existence for YEARS and another important fact I discovered is that about 50% of all users purchase multiple systems to build even more of these successful sites.

I actually have 2 more sites built with this system and all are in the top 13% of all websites ranked by Alexa.

My second site receives almost 5,000 visitors per month and my third site receives over 1,200 visitors per month.

As you might notice, it does take time. But if you are willing to put forth some effort and accept that any kind of real success will take time you will see the same kind of results that I have!

Traffic to my second and third site will continue to increase. I will simply keep doing the same things I have done to take the traffic to the current levels.

My second site is not even a year old yet, it will be 1 year old on October 15, 2005!


Building Your Own Successful Website

You really need to read my story above and then you will know what can be achieved by any normal person who is willing to put forth some effort and has the sense to realize that building a real business takes time.


Increasing Traffic to Your Existing Website

If you have an existing website then you are interesting in traffic promotion or at least you should be.

One of your #1 goals should be to increase web site traffic. In fact, you should be spending time each week thinking of ways to get more web site traffic.

Read my story above and then you will know what can be achieved by any normal person who is willing to put forth some effort and has the sense to realize that building a real business takes time.