Free Trebuchet Plans Available in Books, on Internet

So you’ve decided to create your own catapult, but you’re budget’s tight? Head to the internet where you’re sure to find lots of free trebuchet plans to help guide you along the way.

The first thing to decide when looking for free trebuchet plans is how big you’d like your replica to be. Free trebuchet plans range from those meant to create desktop versions of the great machines to those that result in full-sized recreations of the hurling devices.

Once size is determined, a simple internet search should turn up plenty of locations where basic free trebuchet plans can be found. Bear in mind when looking at free trebuchet plans whether for small models or life like replicas, the trebuchet has an intriguing history.

An outgrowth of earlier catapult models, the trebuchet and any free trebuchet plans should take into account this machine of siege warfare’s rich history and impressive force. This machine is considered one of the most formidable of its ilk, with some versions capable of hurling objects of 300 pounds or more at castle walls. When looking at free trebuchet plans, it’s a good idea to know what materials will be needed and how to put a model together. Parts that must be included for free trebuchet plans to come to successful fruition include the beam, frame, counterweight, trigger, sling and the projectile.

In any successful free trebuchet plan, the beam needs to be light, yet strong. The long end is generally about three to four and a half times as long as the short. Also, when considering free trebuchet plans, it’s vital to consider the sling. The length of the sling make a huge difference, by changing the length, the entire shot can be altered. The best range occurs when a sling is designed to follow roughly a 45-degree angle.

When looking at free trebuchet plans, the counterweight should be up to 100 times the weight of the missile, but not less than 80 times its weight. If the weight is too light, the beam will not swing quickly enough and the shot will not hit its mark, making well created free trebuchet plans a must if a working model is desired.

When searching for free trebuchet plans, you’ll find a lot of resources available to help you complete your projects. On the Internet, you can find existing prints, and even computer programs to help handle the science involved in utilizing free trebuchet plans. Pre-made prints that come with free trebuchet plans range from those designed to build a full-scale model to those meant to replicate the big siege weapons on a tiny scale.

Search engines can help ease the hunt for free trebuchet plans, with results ranging from sites where they are available to book titles where they can be found. The outcome is up to the builder’s imagination as free trebuchet plans are available for a variety of sizes, taking into account a varying degree of complexity in different models.

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