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Way too many sites market their quizzes (...and screensavers and nearly everything else in fact!) as FREE but when you arrive on the sites what do you see?

A form staring you right in the face making you register before you can take their quiz. Some even try to charge you at that time!

How annoying is that? Very annoying! At least I think so.

While I hope you will subscribe to my free medieval newsletter you certainly do not need to subscribe just to take a fun online quiz.

So, with the above thoughts in mind, please take a free online quiz today!

As I add new quizzes I will list them on this page and send an email to all subscribers of my free newsletter.

IMPORTANT: Please note these quizzes require your browser to be javascript enabled. Most browsers provide javascript support by default so you should not have any problems. However, if you do not see your quiz score and rank you most likely are using a browser that is not supporting javascript.

Medieval Catapult Quiz
This fun online history quiz allows you to test your knowledge of medieval catapults.