Dungeons and Dragons SpellCaster - World of Magic and Mystery

The Dungeons and Dragons SpellCaster (D&D SpellCaster) is a core element to any successful game or outing. In fact, one would be hard pressed to endeavor into a game without a magic user or D&D SpellCaster.

They form the backbone of the party with their creative use of magic and intrigue and allow for the exceptional use of imagination and creativity.

Without the Dungeons and Dragons SpellCaster, the party is incomplete. But why? In order to fully appreciate the role of the D&D SpellCaster one must try to sit back and reflect on the objectives at hand. What am I talking about? Think about it. What is the core purpose of the Dungeons and Dragons SpellCaster? Answer this question and you will be well on your way. Well on your way to where you ask. Just sit right back I will tell you.

Start at the beginning - well not really; let’s follow a circumpolar train of thought for a moment. The Dungeons and Dragons SpellCaster is responsible for elevating the game. Elevating it to a realm beyond what is ordinarily in our capacity as humans to understand. By in large we are logical beings, or as Aristotle suggested, “rational animals.” In this capacity we seek to obtain absolute knowledge of all things in all times, and of what we can not fully comprehend, we seek to dismiss as illogical and impossible.

The best example of this may be, sadly enough, the hit television series the “X-Files.” I know that you remember it, and probably watch the series in syndication on one of the many Turner stations that run them. Remember the plot motive? Fox Moulder knows the truth, at least he wants to believe the truth; unfortunately no one else wants to believe. Take the same theory and apply it to reality, drop it in a glass with some ice, shake it up and we have our answer.

What am I talking about? It is simple. Dungeons and Dragons SpellCasters are fantasy role players. This we can all agree on, or at least I hope. Of course I am a skeptic, but really, I’m not sure that anyone can do “real” magic anymore. But go with this for a moment. The sole purpose of the Dungeons and Dragons SpellCaster is to add that element of magic to the game, to lend it that air of mystery and intrigue that it would not otherwise possess.

Dungeons and Dragons SpellCasters elevate the game to another plane, another world of sorts. They add mystery and magic by performing acts outside o heroism and bravery. They accomplish the unexplainable and we as players are forced to rely solely on faith. And faith my dear sirs is at the very core of everything we do.