Dungeon and Dragons Role Playing Games – Computer or Paper and Pencil Fun

The incredibly extensive worlds within the dungeon and dragons role playing games line can provide would-be adventurers an escape from the modern world as they step back in time and out of reality to battle evil beings, rescue damsels in distress and save kingdoms from fire-breathing dragons.

With a full line of video games available for almost every gaming medium and a complete line of role playing assistance books for those who prefer what dungeons and dragons role playing games fanatics call good “old fashion paper and pencil” play, the line is massive and limited only by a player’s own imagination.

The dungeons and dragons role playing games line for computers includes the fairly new Neverwinter Nights release for PCs that enables players to create their own characters to explore a never-ending array of “modules” created both by the game’s designers and players themselves. Characters must build themselves and their equipment lines up as they battle ghouls, goblins, orcs, ghosts and dragons to save the City of Neverwinter, or villages and people in peril.

The draw of this particular dungeons and dragons role playing games option is the ability to keep the game going after the main story lines have been beaten by downloading modules created by players themselves. This game allows a player to adventure alone or to create their own worlds and invite their friends to an online adventure.

Neverwinter Nights and other dungeon and dragons role playing games can be found on Amazon.com. The Neverwinter Nights game itself can be found by logging on to Amazon at www.amazon.com and typing in “Neverwinter Nights” into the search engine.

Amazon.com, too, offers a variety of dungeon and dragon books for role players. From the original books to the revised rules of version 3.5, everything a would-be adventurer would need to create their own fantasy world for their friends to bring to life is available through the online book source.

The rich fantasy world found within dungeon and dragon books provide role players with manuals for the creation of their own campaigns and also supplemental guides to help players flesh out their characters. The dungeon and dragons books for role players include such basics as a rules book to outline how the game in played, a dungeon master’s handbook for the person running the game, and books for various character classes and races and those that describe in gory detail monsters that might appear in various fantasy worlds.

Also available in the dungeon and dragons books line are pre-written modules or campaigns that make role playing easier on the dungeon master (or game moderator). These take the guesswork and difficulty out of the job of heading a game by providing a story line, terrain descriptions, maps and monster possibilities and statistics.

Players in the dungeons and dragons world navigate their characters through a story line and must decide for themselves what directions to take, what actions to take and what monsters to fight or flee from.

Whether you’re just into fantasy for reading or you’re interested in bringing your own world to life, the extensive line of dungeon and dragons books is a great place to look for sword clashing fun.