Dungeon and Dragon Games – Name Your Flavor

Whether it’s paper and pencil role-play campaigns you’re after or online adventuring with your friends, the bevy of Dungeon and Dragon games possibilities will surely not disappoint.

Created more than two decades ago, Dungeon and Dragon games revolve around rich fantasy worlds where magic is real and dragons roam free. Whether paper or video, Dungeon and Dragon games generally rely greatly on input from their players to set the tone for the world and set the stage for the adventure. In Dungeon and Dragon games players can choose to be knights in shining armor, living by a code of ethics. Magic, too, can be a pursuit for a wise player of Dungeon and Dragon games. Not a venue that sets players’ lives in stone, Dungeon and Dragon games even support the creation of bad guy players, so no one is limited to a set life, and surprises truly do lurk around every corner.

In the paper and pencil versions of Dungeon and Dragon games, a dungeon master sets the world into motion, but players take the story and twist and turn it through their actions. To play this particular flavor of Dungeon and Dragon games, players generally only need a few rule-type books to guide them along, a skilled and/or willing dungeon master and lots of imagination. The sky is the limit as players work their way through castles, mazes, dark forests and more, not knowing what is more dangerous - their adventure, their dungeon master or perhaps their own companions who might reveal evil ways without warning.

Dungeon and dragon games books and other player support devices such as dice and more can be found online through Wizards of the Coast, in some bookstores such as Barnes & Nobel and even in hobby and comic book shops. Dungeon and dragon games support items cost about $20 or more per hard cover book with gaming modules running a bit less, or more depending on the detail involved in the writing.

Video game nuts will also find a rewarding world waiting for them in Dungeon and Dragon games for computers and gaming systems. Within these worlds, players create their own characters and navigate set story lines based upon their own world outlook. The outcomes can sometimes change depending on the way the player proceeded, making dungeon and dragon games quite fluid and intriguing.

Video games in the dungeon and dragon games line can also be found through the gaming company and at typical video game consumer outlets. The prices on these range from bargain bin older titles to newer versions that might cost about $50 for a player to bring home one of their own dungeons and dragon games. Whether your poison is a fun adventure with several friends or a solo walk thorough a video game, Dungeon and Dragon games generally are only bound by a player’s imagination.