Dungeon And Dragon Books Offer Fantasy, Role Playing Escapes

A whole world of excitement awaits you in the array of Dungeon and Dragon books available in bookstores and through Amazon.com, if donning plate armor and heading out for a night full of adventure is your idea of fun.

From fun fictional reads to role playing excitement, the world of Dungeon and Dragon books is limited only by your own imagination.

A series of fiction titles written following the premise of the original Dungeon and Dragon for role playing exists to whet your appetite for worlds where elves and dwarves roam the countryside and evil creatures lurk behind corners, just waiting to spring on unsuspecting travelers.

The various titles in the Dungeon and Dragons books line involve adventurers and/or heroes who find themselves in the midst of mystery. Published now by the Wizards of the Coast under the label Forgotten Realms, the label boasts a long list of titles of dungeon and dragons books.

“Realms of the Dragons,” available on Amazon.com, for example, tells the tale of a civilization threatened by raging dragons and the heroes who fight to end the turmoil.

Other titles in the dungeons and dragon books line include “Waterdeep,” “The Ring of Winter” and “The Nether Scroll.” There are many collections in the series that cover the many worlds created in the dungeon and dragon books for role players.

Amazon.com, too, offers a variety of dungeon and dragon books for role players. From the original books to the revised rules of version 3.5, everything a would-be adventurer would need to create their own fantasy world for their friends to bring to life is available through the online book source.

The rich fantasy world found within dungeon and dragon books provide role players with manuals for the creation of their own campaigns and also supplemental guides to help players flesh out their characters. The dungeon and dragon books for role players include such basics as a rules book to outline how the game in played, a dungeon master’s handbook for the person running the game, and books for various character classes and races and those that describe in gory detail monsters that might appear in various fantasy worlds and campaigns.

Also available in the dungeon and dragon books line are pre-written modules or campaigns that make role playing easier on the dungeon master (or game moderator). These take the guesswork and difficulty out of the job of heading a game by providing a story line, terrain descriptions, maps and monster possibilities and statistics.

Players in the dungeons and dragons world navigate their characters through a story line and must decide for themselves what directions to take, what actions to take and what monsters to fight or flee from.

Whether you’re just into fantasy for reading or you’re interested in bringing your own world to life, the extensive line of dungeon and dragon books is a great place to look for sword clashing fun.