Catapult Pictures Inspire Designers, Decorators

Medieval buffs with a penchant for siege warfare might find themselves interested in taking a look at historic and modern-day catapult pictures to inspire their own creations or lend an interesting accent touch to a room within their homes.

Catapult pictures come in all shapes in sizes, just like the great machines of castle-wall crushing warfare from years gone by. Pictures are available of just about every type of catapult imaginable from the great trebuchets to ballistas and mangonels. Catapult pictures representing more modernized versions such as classroom-built mousetrap catapults can also be found online.

For those wanting to create their own replica of the great hurling machines, catapult pictures come in handy for helping a would-be designer choose the right model to live out their dream.

One of the best places to find catapult pictures readily and quickly is on the Internet. An array of web sites shows the finished products while also offering blue prints and kits to complete the designs.

For those interested in replicas of the real thing, sites such as, and are good starting places. To find other sites, all one needs to do is simply enter a search engine such as Yahoo or Google and type in catapult pictures, ballista pictures, trebuchet pictures or whatever model you’re interested in. From there, an array of sites offering shots, blue prints, design ideas and more should pop up. Those searching for catapult pictures are likely, too, to find a great deal of information on the rich history of these weapons, which stretches back well into the 300s AD.

The variety of catapult pictures available on the Internet is quite impressive with some sites offering only pictures of completed versions, while others show the entire building process, and still others tout the drawings of the past, showing the weapons as they were used in siege warfare.

The different models people can view include the torsion-driven ballistas and mangonel and the gravity powered trebuchets, famous for hurling stones in the 100s of pounds at walls – also famous for their appearance in “Lord of the Rings.”

For those who prefer to decorate with a medieval flair, catapult pictures can lend a nice touch especially those involving full battle scenes. If nicely matted and framed and hung on a wall, perhaps near a nice cache of shiny swords, catapult pictures can lend a nice ambiance to a period room.

Once again, the Internet is a great source for finding catapult pictures and prints suitable for framing and hanging.

Be creative in the search, offering such input as catapult pictures, medieval warfare prints, catapult prints and so on. Sites such as,, are good places to look for catapult pictures for use as artwork.

Whatever your interest in catapult pictures, they are abundant.

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