A Glance at Catapult History

There is a lot to be said not only for the diversity of weapons found in medieval catapult history, but also for the advancements and changes these great inventions have given birth to.

Examining the history of the catapult reveals a strong desire to build more powerful weaponry and improve the technologies of war, and the catapult is one example of early heavy weapons development.

Castles had never known the devastation they would experience during the time of medieval catapults. Fortress walls would crumble, and castle siege would change from a question of how it could be done to the question of when it would happen next!

It is during the beginning of this time that a castles ultimate power of defense and impenetrability began to be questioned.

The ability of a kingdom to protect its subjects and guarantee the survival of its rule began to be viewed in a whole new light. The catapult darkened a kingdoms sense of security. No longer could a castle offer such complete protection as it once had.

The use of the catapult can also be credited with a major rethinking of castle structure. In fact, the catapult was the motivation behind many new castle defenses and a produced a greater attention to overall castle design.

Changes and advancement in war strategy grew as a byproduct of Catapult history.

Armies of Medieval warfare relied more and more on the various weapons of catapult history as an important part of their strategic war plan.

New objectives for castle siege emerged with a greater ease of scaling or breaching castle walls.

Catapults included a variety of weapons that invoked fear into all that stood gaping from their fortress as these monsters of war rolled before castle walls.

You can’t even begin to imagine these weapons without envisioning a trebuchet hurling disease over castle walls.

And, of course, catapult history would be seriously lacking without the ballista and arrow catapult.

More than a means of destruction, enamored and marveled at, enthusiasts have come to love the architectural genius that gave rise to the devastating war machines like the ballista and the arrow catapults.

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