Catapult Diagram Examples Available On the Internet

Finding a catapult diagram isn't very difficult if you look on the Internet.

Whether you’re looking to create an exact replica of a famous machine of medieval siege warfare or a smaller version just for fun. From full-scale trebuchet designs to smaller desktop machines just perfect for a science or history class project, plans for many models are readily available.

When looking to buy a pre-made catapult diagram, be sure to decide first what kind of catapult you’d like to make. The choices are many as are the levels of difficulty in actually creating them.

Some plans will require a pretty big investment in materials and time to construct, while others will take pennies and minutes. Models to consider for full-scale replication of a catapult include the ballista, the trebuchet and even the Roman mangonel.

If you’re looking to create your own diagram of acatapult, it’s also important to determine what type of machine you’d like to make. A simple, model size toy ballista, for example, will take some planning, but the materials list shouldn’t be a killer. A full-scale trebuchet, however, will take much more thinking and planning if a decent, working model is the desired outcome.

The materials list, too, will be quite a bit more extensive. Catapult diagrams available even include “toy size” models and replicas called mousetrap catapults that are quick and easy to build. The choice is yours.

In either case – full size or model – once the desired design is decided up, it’s important to next look at the physics required for the diagram. To ensure whatever you build will work properly, you need to understand the mathematics behind the machines.

Propulsion force, weight capacity, swing movements and trajectory must all be studied and scaled down to your size machine within a catapult diagram if eventual firing is the goal. There are programs available on the Internet that will help you do the math, but just imagine what medieval engineers had to do by hand – it makes the machines even more impressive.

If you want to buy pre-made catapult diagram kits for different types of machines, the Internet, too, is a great source. There are a variety of sites dedicated to creating and selling plans for construction. A simple Yahoo or Google search will likely net some great results. As will visiting such locations as and

Whatever diagram you decide upon, remember the machine you are building is a replica of a piece of warfare history that literally dominated the scene of siege attacks for hundreds of years.

The creation of the first catapult diagram for early models led to technological advancements that are still employed today. Your catapult diagram represents a true piece of world history.

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