Who Wants to Build Trebuchets?

So, you would like to build Trebuchets?

If you think the idea of building a Trebuchet in these modern times is absurd, think again.

Master builders have assembled teams from nations all over the world to build these medieval weapons in the likeness and functionality of those used for warfare during those middle ages so long ago.

Trebuchets are a form of catapult. To learn more about the design of a catapult you should check out the Catapult Design page. The Catapult Design page contains a lot of useful information to help you understand the basic principles of a good catapult design.

When medieval architects and trade masters planned to build Trebuchets, a variety of skills needed to be employed. This was a task that could only be undertaken by master stonemasons, carpenters, blacksmiths and timber framers. All of this expertise went into the pursuit to build medieval Trebuchets.

It was an extremely important undertaking to make trebuchets during the middle ages, for the Trebuchet was the most destructive war machine ever made in those times.

In fact, the mere thought to produce a Trebuchet was an indication that a kingdom intended not only to protect its reign and authority, but often times to prepare for expansion of rule by laying siege to a surrounding kingdom.

Sometimes townsfolk would also build Trebuchets as well as mangonels to aid in the defense of their homes. It was much more common to use mangonels (a simpler form of catapult) for this purpose.

When medieval builders set out to construct a Trebuchet their first decision was one of design. And this is the first question you must answer.

Will you build Trebuchets with a fixed counterweight system or make Trebuchets loaded with a swing counterweight system?

This choice was not always an easy one for medieval builders to make. Most often, trial usage would determine which system was employed to build these medieval siege engines.

Some things you should consider before making your choice.

If you design Trebuchets with a fixed counterweight will it outperform and outdistance the swing counterweight design?

Which one would be easier for you to build?

When the master builders of the middle ages set out to produce Trebuchets, they built them with one goal in mind. To wreak as much destruction as possible and whatever design best accomplished this purpose is the design they would employ.

Not to be forgotten is the projectile you will need after you build the Trebuchet. Historically, these projectiles ranged from massive 300 pound blocks of sandstone to dead cattle and horses.

Medieval stone masons chipped the sandstone blocks into a rounded shape to gain maximum range of travel.

When you build Trebuchets, you must consider not only the immense weight of the missile the Trebuchet will be expected to hold, but also you must consider that you Trebuchet has to throw this missile, preferably several hundred yards.

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