Build a Catapult - You Can!

When you set out to build a catapult you must first choose the catapult type and you should consider whether you want to construct a catapult from scratch or get a head start by using a catapult kit.

There are a few different ways to approach the construction of a catapult depending on the type you choose to build and the selection of tools you intend to use.

When many artisans build a catapult, they like to utilize the tools of medieval times.

By using tools that were available during the Middle Ages, artisans are able to:

  1. produce a more authentic catapult construction process

  2. replicate the catapult machine as closely as possible to that produced during medieval times

You could produce a catapult that has the strength and facility to hurl a 300 pound stone. This catapult would be a trebuchet.

Another machine to consider is the ballista. In this case, you would build a machine that consists of a large horizontal frame with a bow like construction on which lies a large spear to be shot out. This is very similar to a bow and arrow but on a much more massive scale.

Maybe you would like to build a medieval weapon that is lighter and more mobile than the ballista but fully capable of hurling small objects (up to 50 pounds) much like the trebuchet.

In this case, you would build a catapult called the Mangonel. Developed by the Romans, the Mangonel became a preferred weapon of war. When the Romans built catapults such as this, they also utilized the invention of torsion generated from twisted sinew ropes.

However you choose to build a catapult, you can be sure that it will excite you and thrill you to see this great machine in action.

When you set out to build a medieval siege weapon it is helpful to remember that it is a machine crafted with precision and therefore time, patience and preparation are the true elements to your success.

Keeping this in mind will help you build catapults that more closely mimics the actual function of the original machines.

Investing your time and patience in research and planning before attempting to build a catapult will ensure an accurate and well constructed replica that will function with precision and power for years to come.

The easiest way to build a catapult is to simply purchase a kit. Catapult kits are available for the ballista, mangonel, and trebuchet.

These kits offer an excellent opportunity to not only build a fully working replica of a catapult but also to learn a great deal about the engineering of these machines.

Working with a kit may also be the best way to research the construction process because you have a physical working machine to tinker with.

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