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(Gar Benjamin)

If you are here you must be curious about who I am.

My Websites

For starters, I created this website (www.Medieval-Castle-Siege-Weapons.com).

Another site I launched in February 2005 at www.best-vacation-homes.com focused 100% on vacation homes and family vacations. I no longer run Best-Vacation-Homes.com having sold it to a very passionate traveler who has since updated the site far beyond where I took it.

In the beginning of August 2007 a colleague (Ben Vegiard) and I launched a blog devoted to SQL. Our blog is called SQL Coach and it is located at www.sqlcoach.blogspot.com. If you want to learn more about SQL Server Performance Tuning and T-SQL Programming please feel free to check out our new blog!

I recommend that you check out my brother's cryptozoology site at www.unknown-creatures.com filled with information on cryptozoology such as big foot, the jersey devil and more.

Okay... but Who Are You?

My name is Gar Benjamin and I live in Central Missouri in the USA.

I was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Missouri shortly after my 32nd birthday.

If you know what an Information Technologies Consultant is then you know what I do for a living.

I design and build software applications, databases, and websites for businesses.

On a personal note, I enjoy working out (and I have not done that in about a year now - what a slacker!), reading good informative books, and I especially enjoy fantasy and medieval stories, movies and computer games.

It is my strong interest in medieval times that motivated me to build this site.

You can find out more by visiting the Why Did I Make this Site page.

I always enjoy hearing feedback from people visiting my site. So if you want to drop me a line feel free.

You can contact me by using the form below:

Enjoy this medieval site!

Gar Benjamin
Cuba, Missouri

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