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Medieval Siege Alerts, 01-08-2005
January 08, 2005
Your Medieval Siege Alert has arrived:

This is a short notification to let you know that Medieval Castle Siege Weapons has been updated with additional pages!

Over the past month several new pages have been added, and just this morning the following 10 new pages have been added:

Ballista Catapults Early Siege Weaponry At Its Finest
Ballista catapults are believed to have made their first appearance on the battlefield in the fighting days long before the birth of Christ.

Building Catapults Required Engineering Know How
While their appearance on the warfare scene dramatically changed tactics for quite literally hundreds of years, it was no easy task for medieval armies to create the machines of war.

Catapult Diagram Examples Available On The Internet
Whether youíre looking to create an exact replica of a famous machine of medieval siege warfare or a smaller version just for fun, finding a catapult diagram isnít very difficult.

Catapult Models Echo History, Physics Lessons
From tiny desktop replicas to full scale versions of the early machines of siege warfare, finding catapult models isnít very difficult if you look on the Internet.

Heraldry Symbols Medieval Rallying Points, Family Heirlooms
From elaborate designs of mythic creatures to more simple recreations of plants or woodland animals, the use of heraldry symbols is a holdover from the middle ages that often brings families great...

Medieval Castle Defense Ė Architecture Key To Warding Off Siege
In a time when full-scale attacks and small scrimmages were the rules of the day, it was vital for a medieval castle defense system to take all possibilities into account.

Medieval Code Of Chivalry Provided A Guide In Uncertain Times
Imagine living in a time when full-scale Crusades and small, territorial battles were as commonplace as convenient stores and ATM locations are today.

Roman Catapults Ė A Play Off Greek Inventions
Itís long been known many of the great advancements credited to the Roman Empire actually came from the Greeks.

Trebuchet Kits Large Or Small Help Bring History To Life
If youíve decided to build your own catapult, perhaps one of the best places to start is by looking for an appropriate sized kit.

Trebuchet Physics Ė Science Makes The Machine
Trebuchet physics are the reason these machines became one of the most feared siege weapons of all time.

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Garfield Benjamin
Cuba, Missouri

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