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Medieval Siege Alerts - 10-07-2005 - Free Online Medieval Quizzes!
October 07, 2005
Your Medieval Siege Alert has arrived!


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Welcome to all new subscribers!

If you have not claimed your free screensaver please read this email to find out how to get your screensaver!


Today I have added a new section to the site.

I have not found a fun online medieval quiz so I decided to make my own!

When I have found sites in the search engines saying they offer a free online quiz and test when I arrive at the site I find I was misled. You can read more about that at the page I just set up:

Currently, there is only one quiz available called the Medieval Catapult Quiz.

To access this fun online quiz as well as all other quizzes I will be adding in the future point your browser to the following web page:
Free (and fun) Online Quiz


Garfield Benjamin
Cuba, Missouri



, you can get your screensaver right now by visiting this page:

This page is password protected so when you visit the page a box will popup. Please enter the password into this box.

The password is NOT AVAILABLE IN BACK ISSUE ON THIS WEBPAGE. The password is included in each issue which is sent out by email.

Enjoy the screensaver and let me know what you think!

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