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Medieval Siege Alerts - 11-18-2005 - Medieval Catapult Completed!
November 18, 2005
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Medieval Siege Alerts
Issue #1 - November 2005

Welcome to Novembers's edition of Medieval Siege Alerts.

In this month's issue:

1. News from the Court
Get the details on recent events.

2. View from the Tower
Looking ahead at things to come.

3. Medieval in the News
Recent stories focusing on medieval subjects.

4. Featured Website of the Month
Each month I cover one great medieval website.

News from the Court

This section will cover recent events including medieval projects I am working on and recently completed as well as updates on any important posts I have made to the website and medieval blog.

The first news I need to cover here is the issue of Medieval Siege Alerts you are now reading.

This issue (November 2005) is the first official issue of Medieval Siege Alerts.

If you are one of the people who subscribed a year ago I know the wait has been a long one and I hope you have enjoyed the information you have received during the past 12 months as well as shared in my excitement as the website has grown to nearly 150 pages of good quality medieval information.

Thanks for sticking with me on this journey to build the greatest online medieval resource.

It is not an easy task but it is one that I believe can and will be accomplished by continuing to research, add more pages, more online quizzes, and just plain more resources for medieval topics in general. And all of this requires time. So, as long as I do not stop this goal will be accomplished and you will share in this journey.

Mini Medieval Catapult Project Completed

If you have been reading my blog you will know that I decided to build a fully working miniature medieval catapult several weeks ago.

Earlier this week Morghan (she is a very bright 15 year old) and I finished this project.

If you have not visited the blog yet please take the time to check it out. It contains a lot of information not on the website that I think will be of interest to you. For example, when I find an interesting news story about a medieval castle, medieval events or similiar topics I post about these stories on the blog.

You will also find the information about the minature medieval catapult including a few photos that I posted on Tuesday.

The medieval blog is at

New Medieval Pages Added to Website

The following pages have been added to website since my last update:

Medieval Castle Pictures

Pictures of Medieval Knights Provide Insight into Medieval History

Medieval Manors

Medieval Study Brings Humanity into Focus

View from the Tower

This section will cover future events. You will learn about new projects while they are in the planning stage, new pages I am planning to add to the website, medieval events that are scheduled over the course of the following 30 days and more.

3 New Articles to be Written for Website

I am planning on adding three new web pages to the site. The topics are medieval foods, medieval names, and medieval clothing.

These topics help fill in the other areas of medieval life. Let's face it, people did not spend all of their time waging war laying siege to castles or defending their castle from sieges.

However, to keep the site focus I will be writing these articles to include a tie-in to medieval warfare. So while each article will provide general information on the topic you will also find specific information for example, what were the medieval foods common to troops waging war and for the celebration by castle residents after successfully defending their home from a siege.

Medieval in the News

This section will provide links to all posts on my medieval blog that are about news stories on medieval topics.

When I say all posts I mean all posts made since the last issue of Medieval Siege Alerts was sent out.

The idea is you can quickly scan this list and if you see something of interest click on the link to check out my summary of the story and if you want more information you will be able to read the full news article.

October only saw one post about a news story because I became so busy working on other things such as the medieval screensaver and online quiz.

Here are the news stories I have covered through October 2005. Remember this blog just launched in August and I started covering the news stories in September.

Building a Medieval Castle with a Modern Interior?

Medieval History comes alive at Caldicot Castle

English Heritage's New GuideBook Brings Goodrich Castle to Life

Medieval Warhorse Alive and Well in 2005!

Fancy a Feast in a 900 Year Old Castle?

Historic Camelot Project Holds Event at Beaver Dam!

Featured Website of the Month

In this section I will be featuring one high quality medieval website.

You can be sure the websites covered in this section will contain plenty of high-quality medieval information or provide other value such as offering unique medieval products.

Be sure to check in this section for the featured website of the month starting in the next issue!

For now, I have included links to 4 great websites I have found very useful. You should already be familiar with the first one. Each contain many pages filled with quality medieval information. And each provide their own unique twist.

Recommended websites

Medieval Castle Siege Weapons
Focus is on medieval castles, siege warfare, knights and castle life.

European Medieval Castles Design
Focus is on architecture of medieval European castles.

Guide to the Castles of Europe
Focus is on the different castles located in Europe.

Medieval Castles and the Dark Ages
Focus is on castles and war primarily in the Dark Ages.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this first official issue.

If you have any comments or suggestions for improving any part of this newsletter feel free to contact me.


Garfield Benjamin
Cuba, Missouri

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